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8 Reasons To Give Up Smoking

There are many obvious reasons to give up smoking, but plenty of less obvious reasons too. What everyone does know is that smoking is a terrible habit to get into, but once you have started this daily addiction, it can be hard to stop. The best advice is not to begin in the first place, but if you have and you need some motivation to quit, here are some of the very best reasons to completely give up smoking.

Save Money

Smoking is a hugely expensive habit. You can argue, of course, that any ‘hobby’ is going to cost money, but with smoking, there is nothing to show for it when you’re done, except for poor health, of course. Since smokers spend so much money on buying cigarettes, when they do quit, it’s always a good idea to remind them to put the money they would have spent on cigarettes to one side. It will surprise them when they take a look to see how much they have saved, and it can be an excellent way to keep them going when they are tempted to take it up again.

It’s not just the cigarettes themselves that cost money; insurance does too. Life and health insurance is always going to be significantly cheaper for non-smokers because they are less likely to get sick.

Your Health

Tobacco is highly dangerous to your health. It can cause cancer (particularly lung, throat, and mouth cancer), raise your blood pressure, and cause heart issues to name just a few of the problems smoking has associated with it. It contains lots of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide too. Plus the nicotine in it makes it highly addictive. The best way to reduce your chances of developing these and other awful diseases is to quit.

Smoking marijuana can make quitting cigarettes difficult because every time you use it, you will be reminded of the habit you’re trying to stop. If you still want to enjoy cannabis, why not quit smoking it and try something like weed edibles instead?

Other People’s Health

We all know that smoking is bad for your own health, but did you know it can directly impact the health of others? Passive smoking, also known as second-hand smoking, means that the people around you are at risk because you’re smoking; they are breathing in the fumes as well. Even if you aren’t worried about your own health, it’s a good idea to stop smoking to keep your friends and loved ones safer. You could always even consider using vapes instead, you can still achieve similar effects from using marijuana in your vape but the method is safer because it is smokeless, keeping people around you safe. Click Here for examples of different types of vapes you could potentially purchase. Protecting others from smoke can often be better motivation than looking after your own health is, so if it works for you to keep it in mind, that’s great.

Your Looks

One of the issues that smoking causes is premature aging. When you compare the faces of smokers to non-smokers, you can see a lot more lines, for example, on the smokers, even when they are the same age as their non-smoking counterparts. Not only will you see lines, but the skin of the smoker tends to be a lot less healthy looking; it will appear pale and damaged. It is all down to smoking. Just one cigarette reduces the amount of blood that can get to the skin for as much as an hour, so you can imagine what 10, 20, or even more will do.

Smoking also stains your teeth, so as well as plenty of wrinkles around your mouth, your teeth will look yellow and uncared for too, and this is true even if your brush them two or three times a day. Some people become so insecure about the color of their teeth from smoking that they refrain from smiling. Not forgetting that it can also decrease their self-confidence. But there are things that can be done to help people get their perfect smile restored. For example, this Dentist in Louisville can help lift these stains and give you the best smile in the room once again. There are plenty of other options available to you though to help you feel confident with your smile again, it’s just about finding the perfect one for you.

How You Smell

You may not be able to smell it yourself because you’re so used to be around the odor all day, but smokers do smell of smoke and tobacco, and it’s easy to spot them, even if they try to hide it with perfume and mouthwash. It’s not just your body and breath that will smell though; your clothes, hair, even your bedding will all take on the smell as the molecules attach to everything. That means you need to be a lot more washing of everything to make it smell normal again. All that laundry costs money and takes time.

Your Fertility

Whether you are male or female, if you’re trying for a baby then smoking won’t help you to conceive. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. Smoking lowers a man’s sperm count and can affect a woman’s ovaries, meaning that eggs aren’t released properly, which makes it much more difficult to become pregnant. A low sperm count can be increased again if you stop smoking and look into taking testosterone; men over 40 may want to consider this if they are still wanting to have a baby.

Additionally, if you are already pregnant (or your partner is) smoking can harm the baby itself. You may find that the birth weight is smaller or that they are born prematurely, and this can mean that the baby will go on to develop additional illnesses, particularly in their lungs or their circulation, in later life.

Do More Things

When you smoke, you’ll find that you are often (or always) out of breath. That’s because the tar within cigarettes stops your lungs from being able to get enough oxygen from the air you breathe in. When you quit smoking, your lungs can quickly repair themselves, and you’ll find that breathing becomes a lot easier. That means you can walk further (or even run) and you won’t be so out of breath all the time. Exercise will be easier so you will be able to lose more weight if you need to and generally keep fit. If you have kids, you’ll be able to play with them more easily too. There are so many reasons why quitting smoking is a good idea.

Better Socially

When you go out with friends, and you’re a smoker, you’re the one they always have to wait around for. They’ll have to wait for you to finish smoking before they can go into a club or restaurant, for example, and they’ll be the ones left alone at the table when you head outside for a cigarette after you’ve eaten. It is bad enough in a big group, but when you’re on a date, for example, and you leave the person you’re with on their own in a restaurant, or hanging around waiting for you, it can be embarrassing and cause big problems. Giving up means you don’t have to put them through that, and everyone can be much happier.


  • Christina Gould

    I’m so glad I gave up smoking 25 years ago. It’s one of the hardest things to do. Thanks for posting!

  • Tamra Phelps

    My Mom died last year, only 70 years old, because smoking led to congestive heart failure, COPD, etc. She doesn’t get to see my niece and nephews grow up, and they are without their granny. QUIT SMOKING!!!

  • Lauryn R

    So many fantastic reasons to quit! I haven’t smoked in years, but for me the smell was the absolute worst! I was constantly washing my hands and spraying on perfume, and I guarantee I still stunk to others. Thanks for sharing this!

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