How Music Can Make You Healthier

Everyone knows it’s important to keep fit and healthy, yet this can be problematic. Keeping fit and healthy isn’t necessarily easy a lot of the time, and many people don’t find it fun. Because of this, exercise and healthy eating can often be put to one side, something to be picked up later and dealt with another time. However, being healthy isn’t something for another time; it needs to be done now, and finding ways to help you do it more easily is important. 

One way to do this is to utilise music in your keep fit routine, and let the music make you healthier. If you’ve ever been to a workout class or a gym, you’ll know that there is music playing all the time. If you’ve seen people running and wearing their earphones, you’ll know they like listening to music too. So what is it about music that is so helpful when it comes to keeping fit? 

Movement and Speed

Our bodies and brains are inextricably linked, and this is one of the reasons music can help so much when we exercise. If you listen to something with an upbeat, fast rhythm like something from Dertee – UK dancehall artist would play, your body will tend to keep up with that rhythm. You could be:


*Briskly walking


*Doing a cardio workout

*Any kind of exercise class 

The faster the music, the faster you’ll move (although be careful not to over do it, of course). The faster you move, the more blood and oxygen are pumping through your body, and the more calories you are burning. You can get fitter when you listen to fast music. 

Feels Easier

Your brain is incredibly powerful, and it remembers things that you might not even realise. This might be why you are sometimes reluctant to do exercise; you are remembering, perhaps subconsciously, how much hard work it was, and how much it hurt afterwards. 

Try listening to music the next time you do a hard workout. Firstly, it will make the entire workout much easier because you can concentrate on the music rather than the pain you are experiencing, and secondly, when you come to do it again, it is the music and the joy it gave you that you will remember most, giving you a much more positive feeling about exercise. 

Mood Enhancing 

If you love music (a category many people fall into) then you’ll know how much listening to music can enhance your mood and make you feel so much better. It’s why concerts sell out so quickly, and why people like to have music in the car on a long journey. It’s why we turn to music when we’re feeling down. 

It makes sense then that we can have our mood enhanced when listening to music even if we’re doing something we might not like so much, like exercising. Play the music you like the most when you are exercising, and the experience will be a much happier one. 

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