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8 Best Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in London

Times like these are extremely challenging to all groups of people. If you or someone you know are looking for addiction rehab centres, we have compiled a list of the 8 best addiction rehab centers that London has to offer. 

Top 8 Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in London

1)Rehab 4 Addiction

2)Rehab Recovery

3)Brook Drive

4)Start2Stop Mews House

5)SCT Acorn House

6)U-Turn Recovery

7)The Nehemiah Project

8)Mount Carmel

1. Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction is, according to our criteria, the best drug and alcohol rehab in London. Rehab 4 Addiction is located at 129 Middlesex Street, and is an exclusive 9-bed, alcohol, drug, and mental health rehab clinic that offers modern, deluxe, and large suites. Their programme is all about holistic care that addresses mind, body, and spirit. They boast caring, kind, and non-judgmental staff. 

Rehab 4 Addiction goes as far as to offer pickup from anywhere in the UK with an option of a therapist accompanying the client. They also offer free aftercare, both on-site and online.

The treatment at Rehab 4 Addiction addresses alcohol and substance abuse, but also psychological issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, as well as eating disorders.

Their intervention services can help you or your loved one realize if they have a problem that needs treatment. 

2. Rehab Recovery

Rehab Recovery is located in the heart of London at 22 Wenlock Road. This is one of the best addiction rehabs in London for drug and alcohol rehab. They offer free and no-obligation addictions assessment by telephone or Skype call. Their team covers all sorts of addictions, including drug and alcohol, gambling, shopping, love and sex addictions as well as internet addiction. 

The treatment is individually tailored according to your needs in order to ensure a positive outcome. If you have a busy schedule, the centre offers outpatient therapy for alcohol addiction that is made of 12 one-to-one therapy sessions with their addiction experts

3. Brook Drive

Located at 124 Brook Drive, Brook Drive is a residential drug and alcohol detoxification centre that has 26 beds and is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. They offer alcohol and drug detoxification programmes that are medically overseen for everyone 18-75 years old. At the moment, they aren’t accepting couples or children. 

Their staff of 20 includes nurses, recovery substance misuse workers, mental health workers, group workers, complementary therapy workers, and valuable volunteers. 

Brook Drive is part of The Social Interest Group (SIG) which is a leading UK-based charity. The philosophies that the rehab centre follows are eclectic/integrated, 12-step (inc MM), and CBT/social learning.

To see if they have vacancies, visit the website.

4. Start2Stop Mews House

Conveniently located at 11 Kendrick Mews, Start2Stop Mews House is a long-term care facility that was founded in 2012. Residents at the house are active participants in the community and attend the 12-step meetings. This is to facilitate long-term recovery, in a home-like environment. The treatment at Mews House includes a fab Family Programme for your loved ones to enable them to become involved and offer support.

The average stay is around three months, which is enough time to achieve your goals and build a robust recovery support system. Every resident gets assigned their individual counselor and weekly one-on-one counseling session. 

One of the best things, that not many centres offer, is a daycare programme which is a part of the treatment fee, for no extra cost, involves holistic elements such as mindfulness workshop, meditation, art, Kirtan chanting, and yoga.

When the treatment is successfully completed, you are encouraged to attend free Aftercare meetings held every Monday night for as long as you wish.

5. SCT Acorn House

SCT is an East London-based charity that’s located at 116-118 Shoreditch High Street. They offer residential and day programme aimed at primarily homeless men with substance addiction issues. Clients are following the 12 step recovery model that is delivered from Monday to Friday with weekly one on one sessions.

After residents complete the first stage of the program, they are free to move into supported housing in North or East London. They exclusively treat men over 21 years old.

The Spitalfields Crypt Trust or the SCT was founded in 1965 so they have heaps of experience. Visit the website to see the vacancy.

6. U-Turn Recovery

U-Turn is a residential recovery centre located on 299 Brockley Road that offers a full recovery program that includes step-work, group sessions and key-work sessions. They also offer Housing Benefit funded housing for everyone with historic drug or alcohol problems that are sober for 90 days.

Other services include:

*Cooking lessons,

*Optional gym,

*CV writing,

*Sports afternoons,

*Support to move on to independent living 

*Feelings group and other.

Find out more about the U-Turn Project here.

7. The Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah Project is located at 47 Tooting Bec Gardens and works to make the transition between prison (or rehab) and independent living for men trouble-free. They strongly believe that anyone can change their life. The Project follows 12-steps, Christian philosophy, CBT/social learning, and therapeutic community. 

Nehemiah treats only men from 18 to 59 with individually tailored programmes. The best thing about them is their high staff-to-resident ratio so they’re able to serve everyone’s needs. 

They have a total of 23 registered beds and you can check availability here or on their website

8. Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel has more than 30 years’ experience in treating and helping people addicted to alcohol. They’re located at 12 Aldrington Road and primarily treat alcohol addiction (although, clients can have other addictions). They offer 18 private bedrooms.

Group therapy and one-on-one sessions comprise their 3 and 6-month programmes. Benefits include dramatherapy, yoga and meditation, Auricular acupuncture, group hypnotherapy, Indian head massage, and horse-assisted therapy. 

Once the treatment is completed, clients get free aftercare for life with two aftercare group meetings per month. but also one-to-one sessions and regular social events like reunions, quiz nights, barbeques, and theatre.

The goal of Mount Carmel is to offer you an affordable treatment so that you get value for money. 

We’re sure that at least one of these rehab centers offers what you need. 


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