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How to Clean Outdoor Furniture in the Easiest Ways

Purchasing outdoor furniture for the porch or patio is the most exciting thing for you as a homeowner. And that furniture investment turns the outside of your home into a point of attraction for the block. 

But when it comes to cleaning, things no longer remain that exciting as it can be a tough job. It can take up all of your free time to make that furniture shine again. Well, let me assure you those days are gone. I have categorized the easiest ways of how to clean outdoor furniture based on the material. 

You may have any or all of these types on the porch or patio, but the outcome of cleaning will be one. Bright and shiny! 

Metal Furniture

Rust or oxidation is the main enemy of any metal furniture. So before you clean them, make sure to remove as much rust as possible. Sanding will be the best option to remove rust or oxidation. 

You can use metal polishing paste or water-vinegar solution for the primary cleaning and then use a bottle of Aluminum Restoration Cleaning Solution. This product is perfect for cleaning and restoring your patio furniture, stainless steel and other household metals. Finding a high-quality non-abrasive cleaning product to remove any scuff marks is important and sand-blasting the wrought-iron furniture will be the best option. 

Intensive cleaning and abrading require a paint job. You can use a rust-resistant primer before applying the main paint coat. You can also visit this website to know more cleaning tips from professionals.

Hard-Resin and Plastic Furniture 

Grim and dirt can turn any shiny resin or plastic furniture into a dull one. It is safe to use dishwasher detergent or soda solution to remove any gunk from the white furniture. In the case of colored ones, a vinegar-water solution will always bring the best outcome.

Sometimes stubborn stains can make things challenging. I prefer to wet the spot with water and sprinkle some soda and wait. The soda powder works as abrasive and removes the hardest stains. 

Glass Patio Furniture

Keeping the shine of the glass is the most challenging task while cleaning the glass furniture. It is better not to use any harsh commercial-grade cleaner to remove the dirt. Anything non-abrasive on a soft cloth will do the magic. 

Are all the spots and dirt gone? If yes, it’s time to move to the next phase. Dip a soft cloth in dishwasher detergent solution and wipe off the glass surfaces. Dry off the surface and move for the polishing. Spray vinegar over the surface and wipe with a microfiber or thick paper towel. 

Do not forget about the underside of the glass furniture. Spray washer solution and wipe with cloth at least once a week. And in the case of the frame, you can clean them according to the materials. 

Wicker and Wood Furniture

Dust can do more damage than summer rain in the case of rattan garden furniture and/or wood furniture. So no matter how frequently you clean them, make sure to dust them off regularly. 

Take an oil-based soap and mix it with warm water to make the perfect solution for further cleaning. You can also use the water-vinegar solution to wipe off any stubborn dirt from the wooden surface.  

You can be a big fan of commercial wood cleaners. Yes, they are excellent choices but make sure to read the instructions properly before use. 

For the best outcome, put a protective coating over the surface. It will shine for a long.


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