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3 Plumbing Jobs You Can DIY and 3 You Shouldn’t

Doing it yourself can be a lot of fun, and a great way to save money while making your home your own. Some people can be intimidated by plumbing work, but there are some plumbing tasks that anyone can do. Here are three jobs you should try, and three you should call a plumbing service randolph nj for.

Repair a Dripping Tap

Repairing a dripping tap is a simple plumbing job, and anyone can do it in minutes with the right approach. A dripping tap is usually one of two things, the washer needs to be replaced, or the valve seat the washer sits upon. Being able to identify the problem can make it easier for you to replace a tap washer on your own, without the need to call in a professional company. But if you are unsure about the process, you may want to ere on the side of caution and seek out some help. However you ultimately decide to fix it, it is important that you do. Both are cheap to replace and easy to fit.

Replace a Sink Basin

Slightly harder work physically than replacing a washer on a tap, replacing an old sink basin with a new one is actually more straightforward. The waste pipe connects directly underneath the sink, remove any sealant before unscrewing it. Once the taps are off it will lift right off its seating, but be careful if it is heavy.

Replacing a Tap

Replacing a tap is sometimes easier than replacing a washer, and some DIYers turn the task of a dripping tap into an opportunity to bring something new to the bathroom and replace the whole thing. Make sure you turn the water supply off before you start and run a tap to empty the pipe. You should always do this before attempting any plumbing work at home.

There are plenty of things you shouldn’t attempt to do yourself. Some of the biggest and dirtiest jobs should be left to professional plumbing services. Don’t bite off more than you can chew with plumbing; you can do a lot more harm than good if you make a mistake and flood your home.

Replacing Pipework

Have a look at the pipework in your home and appreciate the artistry. With this being said, if you know that something like this is best left to professionals such as Zurn Plumbing, you might as well use the services on offer. This way, you’ll know that everything will be fixed and one less thing for you to worry about. Shaping and joining pipework for plumbing, especially central heating systems, is a skill that plumbers can take decades to master. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are a copper pipe Picasso; call a professional and perhaps try out San Diego Pipelining for more information on your pipework.

Sewer Work

Why would you really want to attempt this? You may be able to fix the toilet, but when the job is bigger than that you should call in a plumber. Not only can dealing with your home wastewater be unpleasant, it often involves water pressure and connection to municipal sewer systems. One wrong move and things could flow the other way.

Routing New Pipework

Like replacing pipes, putting in new ones takes a lot of experience and comes with added complications, like fixing them to walls and routing efficiently. Professional plumbers take a long time to plan pipework and consider building regulations while doing it. This is one of those jobs where a good plumber will save you money in the long run.

The best DIYers know when to quit when they’re ahead, which is often before they start. Keep your plumbing jobs small and leave the rest to the professionals.


  • Amy D

    My husband is the most un-handy guy around. However, together, we recently repaired a leaky sink faucet. We got great direction from the sink manufacturer. I do agree with you that will hire someone when it comes to pipes and sewers.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    My son is very handy but I do know there are things he cannot do. Thank you so much for sharing this great informative article. God Bless

  • Donna

    I’m not very good at fixing things like plumbing issues, so I always call a professional. It would be nice to be able to take care of the small, easy to fix problems, though.

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