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Starting A Healthier Relationship With Alcohol

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For those of us who wish to become a little sharper or to lose some width from our waistline, it can be that reducing our alcohol consumption is the first thing we choose. It’s not a bad idea. That being said, it can be very easy to pathologize our relationship with alcohol, and many choose an ‘all or nothing’ approach when it comes to this. Of course, alcohol isn’t a bad thing when responsibly enjoyed. In fact, it can bring great texture to your life, allowing for more fun social experiences, the ability to unwind while reading with a great book, or perhaps to celebrate something with your friends.

That being said, alcohol is never worthwhile if you cannot sustain a healthier relationship with it, no matter how infrequently you drink it. Is it possible to start a healthier relationship with alcohol, provided we haven’t had an issue with it in the past? Absolutely. Additionally, you needn’t think that asking the question somehow invalidates your best judgement. With our following advice, you can make the most informed decision possible:

Inform Yourself

Inform yourself as to what it is you’re drinking. Too often we can think that ‘wine’, ‘beer’ or ‘whiskey’ is enough, without caring for the quality, understanding great white wine facts, or even understanding much about the artisanal practice. Would you ignore vital information such as this when searching for the perfect steak? Likely not. A beverage such as this is a craft, pairs with certain meals, and more than simply drinking will elevate your entire dining experience to a thorough degree. You just need to conduct your research effectively. Another thing that you should inform yourself are the possible effects of what alcohol does to your body other than intoxication. Are you one of the people that turns red after a few couple drinks and might need an Asian glow cure? Do you have an allergic reaction to alcohol? Are you currently taking medications? You should ask these type of questions especially if it can affect your health before taking a sip.

Try Artisan Products

Why not try a few artisan products? Odds are you will be thoroughly surprised as to how worthwhile they can be. Heading to a local craft beer bar and sampling some of the local tastes, heading to guided brewery tours,  perhaps even trying to brew your own at home through a carefully applied brewing and bottling kit can help you understand the process a little more. This is not a silly thing to wish for. After all, it’s usually only when seeing the best of your hobby or trying to create in that space that we can understand how wonderful it is.

In Moderation

If you cannot drink in moderation, you cannot drink at all. That being said, investing in and waiting for more expensive and carefully crafted drinking experiences will always be more enjoyable than simply drinking for the sake of it, or to try and beat a hangover, or to celebrate the end of a week. Limiting your drinking to the times where it’s most important can help you have a blast with it every time, invest in better and a higher quality of alcohol, and also make a real experience shine through this effort. After all, if you can’t make good memories while drinking, you can’t drink well at all.

With this advice, we hope you can start that healthier relationship with alcohol that you truly do deserve.

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