Parenting During the Holidays
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6 Tips for Balancing Work and Family Life During School Holidays 

Parenting can be difficult no matter what day or time it is, but during school holidays it can become even more challenging. It can be a great opportunity to spend time with your children while they’re taking a break from school. But working parents often struggle to balance their jobs with their family commitments during school holidays. Here are some of the tips which many parents find helpful when balancing their core commitments.  

1) Plan Your Holidays Around School Holidays 

If you find it nigh on impossible to juggle your work with childcare, plan your annual leave around the school holidays whenever you can. Take time off work at the same time so that the whole family is free from work and school and able to spend time together.  

2) Find Activities Your Children Enjoy 

Keeping your children occupied while you’re working – either away from home or remotely – can be the biggest challenge of all. Even though you might have the help of others to look after the children, you may still need to think of activities to keep them entertained. Consider new movies and games they will enjoy for hours, or visit an arts and crafts London shop for accessories and equipment if your children like creative activities instead.  

3) Plan Childcare in Advance 

If you have family and friends who have offered to help look after the children while they’re off school, take them up on this offer. Get in touch and plan in advance to avoid missing out or being unable to find suitable childcare at the last minute.  

4) Exchange with Other Parents 

Parents living close by or with children at the same school might be willing to look after your children in exchange for the same. Work with other parents to agree a schedule where you can look after their children for some of the days while they look after yours for others. Although this means you will have more children to look after on some days, it also means you can free up your time on other days, which is more manageable for parents who cannot take much time off work.   

5) Set Your Kids a Home Challenge 

Getting children to help around the home can be difficult too, but it can seem more attractive if you make it into a challenge. Invite them to compete against each other for who can tidy their room the best, or ask them to work together as a team to make the living room look better than it ever has before.  

6) See What’s Available in Your Area 

During school holidays, many local communities and authorities will offer activities and things for children to get involved in. Check out what’s available in your area, particularly if you are able to leave your children there for a few hours while you catch up on work.  

School holidays often bring an additional challenge for working parents, but getting ready in advance and creating an outline plan can help you to stay on top of work while keeping your children occupied too.  

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