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Snacks That Are Gluten-Free Friendly

Eating a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean your options have to be limited. There are plenty of great gluten-free treats on the market. 

So if you have a sweet tooth but can’t have gluten in your diet, here are some clever alternatives that can suit your nutritional needs. Making your own cookies can be somewhat of a struggle if you don’t have the time to discover the perfect recipe. Below are some of the more popular gluten-free cookie brands available right now. 

If you are someone that enjoys a soft-baked cookie, you are in luck. There are plenty of different brands available that will satisfy your sweet tooth. One example is the Enjoy Life brand. These cookies are simply delicious and extremely satisfying to eat. They are constructed with some of the best ingredients that are not only healthy but especially for those that eat a clean diet. There are many different flavors to choose from including some holiday ones that will get you in the Christmas spirit. 

There is nothing embarrassing about being more on the budget cautious spectrum of things. You can definitely find great items that not only taste good but that won’t break the bank. Glutino Gluten-Free cookies are your best bet if you are trying to stay healthy but ultimately trying to find the best snack in your price range. These cookies are made with a traditional recipe that won’t make you compromise the flavors you love. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to only limit yourself to one when there are cookies available. Luckily there are brands that provide mini cookies that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the desire to reach for more. Health nuts can rejoice that Homefree Gluten-Free Mini Chocolate chip cookies are available. These mini options are jam-packed full of flavor that won’t make you feel guilty. They are made without common allergens and are completely vegan. There are mint and chocolate mint options available for chocolate lovers. 

One of the most popular brands that sell gluten-free cookies is Pamela’s Gluten-Free Cookies and for a good reason. These cookies are unbelievably good and completely tasty. You wouldn’t associate “butter shortbread” cookies as something that could potentially be gluten-free but when you go with this brand, you can definitely get that option. There is also a chunky chocolate chip flavor that is out of this world that packs a powerful punch full of chocolate. 

Taste Bake’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookie is another option to choose from if you are allergic to gluten. These cookies are made from completely natural and healthy ingredients that taste great. Another added benefit to getting these cookies is that they aren’t overwhelming. Often times cookies are so thick that they are hard to eat or eat just one depending on how hungry you are for snacks. Luckily, eating these cookies is basically a guilt-free experience due to the fact that they are cut thin so you don’t have to worry about overeating too many calories. 

Shortbread cookies are delicious and taste great. There’s a reason why they are so popular and a fixture around the holidays. Luckily there are healthier options if you require something that is gluten-free. For example, the Schär Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookies are completely non-GMO, lactose-free, and free from preservatives so you don’t have to worry about consuming something that is not completely healthy. These cookies can be great on their own and something that you can pull out of the pantry for a light snack in the afternoon. 

If you are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joes, you are probably well aware of the fact that they have some of the highest-quality snacks available. Luckily if you are also a clean eater, they have the perfect gluten-free cookies that are packed full of flavor and won’t break the bank. These Trader Joes Ginger snaps are affordable and taste like something you’d get out of a high-end bakery.


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