Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef
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Enjoy Delicious Steaks From The Pioneers Of American Wagyu Beef ~ Snake River Farms!

It is no secret that I love reviewing yummy products and I especially love subscription services that provide delicious  sustainably raised and sourced cuts of beef, pork and more. Seriously, I am not sure about you but when I look for meat to purchase at my local grocers, I find that it is a real struggle to find the cuts of meats that I am looking for and that are raised in a sustainable way that is good not only for the cows but also the planet. For these reasons I am purchasing from brands like Snake River Farms. It all starts in the way that Snake River Farms cowboys drive their herd on the Double R Ranch in Loomis, Washington. They have a sprawling 80,000 acres stretching into the foothills of the Cascades. Each spring, their cowboys drive the herds up into the hills to graze and from spring to autumn, they pass from meadow to meadow, crossing from one side of their range to the other. Each year the cowboys begin the drive at the opposite side from the year before, to give the grasses time to replenish. This is super important because they are ensuring to keep the land and the soil healthy and this is good for the planet. They do not see this land as recreational land, nor do they see it as land to be used for farming, mining or anything else as these hills are a sanctuary for the cattle, which is why they thrive.

For me purchasing meats for my family that are sustainably raised and sourced is of the utmost importance. It is just a better quality product for my family to enjoy and I feel good feeding my family the delicious steaks and pork from Snake River Farms. They are the pioneers of American Wagyu Beef and each and every steak that they sell is the most delicious and tender ever. I had the chance to give their American Wagyu NY Strip Steaks a try, as well as a few others and everything was amazingly delicious. My entire family was blown away with how delicious these steaks were and I am already ordering more to stock my freezer.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef

Now you may be wondering what make Wagyu Beef so special? Well Wagyu Beef is so delicious because it’s highly marbled making it a delicacy. American Wagyu Beef came to be with Snake River Farms as they maintain purebred Wagyu cow and bull herds from renowned Japanese bloodlines (which is where Wagyu started) and these imported cattle are the foundation of the Snake River Farms program. These purebred Wagyu are crossed with traditional beef cattle breeds to create American Wagyu Beef with the end result being the perfect blend of Wagyu buttery marveling combined with the robust beef flavor that American Beef is known for.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef

The American Wagyu NY Strip Steaks I enjoyed are hands down the best NY Strip Steaks that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. My husband too was really blown away at how yummy these were. Each of the Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef NY Strip Steaks are carefully cut by hand and each thick NY Strip has the most amazing flavor and the tight texture that beef experts associate with a great NY Strip Steak. With these being American Wagyu Beef, they are deeply marbled with a wonderful complexity and subtle sweetness that will provide you with a true one-of-a-kind steak eating experience that you will never forget.

American Wagyu Beef

Now for my American Wagyu NY Strip Steaks…. I sous vide them first using my sous vide machine and then I finished them on the grill to give them that sear that creates a yummy crust on the outside. I have to tell you that these steaks were amazing and I cannot what to get my next order to make some more.

American Wagyu Beef

Looks pretty amazing right? I cannot wait to get my next order from Snake River Farms as their steaks are delicious. I am ordering some of their American Wagyu Beef Top Sirloins, some more of the NY Strips and also I am really loving the fact that they have American Wagyu Beef NY Strip Slices that will be perfect for making the most delicious Philly Cheese Steaks! Stay tuned as I will post the recipe soon.

American Wagyu Beef

So what do you think of these delicious American Wagyu NY Strip Steaks from Snake River Farms? Seriously…. if you do not have a quality high-end butcher near you… you can literally have these delicious American Wagyu Beef Steaks delivered straight to your front door and I have to stress that the steaks were packaged beautifully when I received them! They were still sold frozen and were encased in a nice reusable freezer bag. I highly recommend you give Snake River Farms and their delicious line of American Wagyu Beef a try! They have it all from burgers and hot dogs to prime rib roasts and filet mignons. Check them out today and enjoy the most delicious beef ever!

Right now use code DSAVVY at the checkout to save 10% off your purchase! Stock up now and begin enjoying the most delicious beef ever!


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