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Drinking Hard Water: Is It Safe?

Like, you probably live in a hard water area. 

Mineral infused water in your taps is not great for your home’s internal plumbing as it can cause blockages to form but is hard water safe to drink? 

If drinking hard water concerns you and you worry about the impact it could be having on your health, then read our short guide. 

We will take you through what you need to know about hard water consumption and whether or not it is time for you to installer a water softener. 

What is Hard Water? 

Hard water occurs when the water supply naturally passes through mineral-infused rocks, and these elements transfer into the liquid. Elements like calcium and magnesium infuse into the water, which ultimately ends up in your tap. 

Calcium causes a build-up called limescale to form on your metallic surfaces and inside the water-heating appliances. You may find that your washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, and coffee machines all develop a limescale build-up after a time in hard water. 

Is Hard Water Bad For Your Health? 

Hard water can be mildly beneficial for cardiovascular diseases as the minerals in the water are good for us. However, you can receive the same benefits from simply eating a good diet, and the negative impacts of hard water outweigh these positives. 

Hard water will dry your skin and make your hair appear flaky, brittle, dull, and flat. You will need to use more detergent for the same effect in areas with hard water as it lessens the impact of soap. So, hard water could put you at higher risks of catching viruses as you need to spend longer washing your hands than in areas with soft water. 

The more significant damage is done to your property and belongings in hard water. It shortens the lifespan of your appliances and even your clothes. Washing clothes in hard water will dull the colors and wear out the fabrics more quickly. 

How Can I Avoid Hard Water? 

If you live in a hard water zone like much of America, you should invest in a water softener. A water softener can be installed either directly onto your plumbing or an individual tap head. Installing a softener at the water’s point of entry into your house will ensure that you and your property are both protected. 

Water softening will remove the unnecessary minerals from the water using a filter that will need to be serviced and replaced from time to time. Speak to your local water experts about water softener maintenance and how to keep yours in the best condition. 

Is Drinking Hard Water Safe? 

If you were drinking hard water every day of your life you would not experience any adverse health benefits. However, your home and belongings will wear out much more quickly in a hard water environment. You will also notice your skin and hair are much drier and duller in hard water. 

Hard water is not unsafe to drink, but it does cause an unpleasant crusty build-up that is extremely detrimental to your home. 

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