7 healthy steak dishes to eat
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7 Healthy Steak Recipes You Can Try at Home

When prepared correctly, steak can be the core part of a heart healthy lifestyle. There are a ton of nutrients in beef, and you can enjoy all of them without sacrificing taste. Try one of these steak recipes, and you’ll never look at a cut of beef the same way again.   

1. Steak Nachos 

When you want to add a twist to boring old nachos, steak is the answer. To bring this recipe to the top, buy porterhouse steaks online. While skirt or flank steak are the usual preference for this delicacy, you can experiment with leftover beef tips. The trick is to make sure that your beef is cut small, and juicy enough to not take away from the crunch of the tortillas. 

With a mix of jalapenos and cheese, you are looking at a deliciously spicy meal that is deceptively healthy. If you don’t go overboard with the butter or salsa, then steak nachos are under 360 calories with only 14g of fat. The only thing that will be a bit high is the sodium, which can easily be remedied by getting low sodium ingredients. Surprisingly, this doesn’t take much away from the flavor profile.  

2. Steak Frites 

This one is more of a classic for steak lovers. It is your typical meat and potatoes dish without any of the guilt. Originally a French meal, steak frites use an herb butter sauce to take the taste to the next level. Modern versions of this meal swap out the regular French fries with sweet potato fries. This adds to the flavor while also improving the health of the dish.  

Crumbled blue cheese mixed with the butter is a surprising mixture that enhances the flavor of the dish. Overall, the dish takes full advantage of every ingredient it uses without going overboard. This dish is under 460 calories, but is a bit high in fat at 24g total. But again, you can lower the fat and the sodium by using sweet potatoes in place of regular ones.  

3. Philly Cheesesteak with Caramelized Veggies 

Anything that uses caramelized vegetables as its attraction will always be a tasty and healthy dish. Steak lovers that want a Philly cheesesteak sandwich usually opt for the low-calorie version. While this is an admirable alternative, you end up losing a lot of the original flavor. This recipe leans heavily on the caramelized vegetables and a tender skirt steak to bring it to all star status.  

Topped with provolone cheese is only the beginning, as it also uses the healthier whole-wheat hoagie roll to hold it all together. You’re looking at 540 calories and 25g of mostly healthy fats, and a much better level of sodium. Compared to the original, this version of the Philly cheesesteak cuts the calories in half.  

4. Grilled Steak with Red Wine Butter 

A lot of steak recipes ruin a good cut of beef by dousing it in a sauce that doesn’t belong. That isn’t the case with red wine butter, which brings out the best flavor possible from a skirt, filet or flank steak. This delicious concoction is made of red wine, shallots, butter, pepper and rosemary. It’s a simple sauce to make, but bravely flavorful when you pair it with a 6-ounce masterpiece. 

What makes this recipe unique is that it can be feasted on without a side. It is sweet and savory, and there are only a few things that won’t take away from the brilliance that is the red wine butter. If you still want to add a side, toasted brioche with garlic butter makes a delicious pairing. This recipe is one of the healthiest on the list at only 390 calories and 26 g of fat. Sodium levels differ based on the type of butter you decide to use for the sauce.  

5. Coffee-Rubbed Steak 

Coffee-rubbed steak is another recipe that doesn’t rely on a side to make it a whole meal. At 270 calories and 15g of fat, it is the healthiest on the list. But don’t let that fool you – this is still the real deal for steak lovers. Coffee-rubbed steak uses chili powder, lime and ground coffee or espresso to build its reputation. It is easy to make, but hard to master. The trick is to let it rest long enough after leaving the grill so that the juices are reabsorbed into the steak. When it is done, you can eat as is or slice up into strips for other recipes. Coffee-rubbed steak works best with flank or skirt steak. 

6. Grilled Mexican Steak Salad 

Do you know how to turn a Mexican salad into a life changing experience? Add steak! The trick to making this work is to slice the flank steak as thinly as possible. A topping of thin tortillas adds a nice crunch to each bite while the chipotle pepper gives the whole plate some spice. You can even add a little honey to the mix to make it slightly sweet. There is a lot going on in a grilled Mexican steak salad, and that is long before you get to the cilantro and jalapenos. Despite the load of ingredients, the recipe is still healthy at 340 calories and 18g of fat.  

7. Steak and Eggs with Chimichurri 

Steak and eggs are a classic that really doesn’t need a twist. But there are exceptions to every rule, and in this recipe, chimichurri is it. The sauce is divine over flank or skirt steak, and the grilled Roma tomatoes make it pure bliss. You don’t need a lot of the sauce, but just enough to get a small sample in each bite. Healthwise, you are looking at 400 calories and 23g of fat per serving. It is a delicious way to start the morning, and a great way to show off your healthy home cooking skills.  

Eat More Beef 

You can get a lot out of a well-prepared steak meal. Remember to choose lean beef, and pay close attention to portion size. Taste has no limits, and healthy steak recipes are a big reason why.  

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