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Finding the Right Firewood Rack

If you are like us, you love the thoughts of spending the coldest months of the year warming yourself by the fire, or in front of an amazing Franklin stove. However, in order to warm yourself in front of the fire, you have to have firewood. Purchasing firewood is an investment, because getting a cord or even a half a cord of wood isn’t cheap. You can find and purchase cords of firewood online, for instance from Shoppok, and this can save you money. To protect that new wood from the elements you will need to consider getting a fireplace rack. What are fireplace racks, and what do they do? We have some answers for you.  

What Is A Firewood Rack?

A firewood rack is a storage unit for your firewood. Although there are places to store small amounts of firewood inside, firewood racks are usually found outside. Usually, firewood racks have a metal frame to store the wood as well as a cover that is waterproof to protect the firewood from rain and snow. However, the bottom part of the rack is usually left open so that air can circulate. 

Why Do I Need A Firewood Rack?

First, you need to understand that the best firewood you can burn needs to be dry, and if possible, aged a bit. Dry wood tends to burn longer and hotter than wet wood, so you burn less. It is also safer to burn dry, aged wood than it does wet wood. That’s because firewood that is new is also retaining water. Up to 45% of the material in new wood is retained water, which leaches out over time. The more water that is in your firewood, the less efficiently it will burn, which means you will burn more wood over time. Also, new firewood burns differently, and can cause more creosote to build up in your chimney, which causes more chimney fires than any other factor. If your wood has been aged or seasoned, it is safer to burn.

You need a firewood rack to keep the water out of your wood. This is possible with a firewood rack, because it covers the top of your wood where water or snow would sit. That way, your wood remains dry. Also, fireplace racks allow air to circulate at the bottom of the rack, which gives the new wood you bought this year the opportunity to age. Put your newer wood on the bottom when you stack your wood. That way, you can use the oldest wood first, and allow the newer wood time to age during the winter season. 

By keeping the wood in a firewood rack, you are also lowering the chances of getting termites or other bugs in the wood, since it’s elevated. It also helps to keep rodents and other pests out of your wood as well. No one wants to pick up a piece or two of firewood to bring into the house to see bugs running out of the pile. 

Most companies sell various sizes and types of firewood racks to choose from. We know that you will be able to find one to fit your needs perfectly, so that while you’re warm and cozy in your house, you’ll know that your wood is covered and protected from winter’s harsh conditions. 

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