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5 Tips to Keep Your Vacation Memories Alive

5 Tips to Keep Your Vacation Memories Alive

There is nothing quite as exciting as planning your next vacation, especially if it is a once in a lifetime trip that you have wanted to experience for eons. Whether you are traveling to Europe to experience a wealth of different cultures, planning a road trip coast to coast, or even if it is the first time you are taking the children camping, memories are going to be made. Or maybe you’re treating yourself to a fancy form of transport such as what is provided by NetJets. However, how can you keep the memories alive, and benefit from them once you return to reality? Here are 5 tips to preserve your memories once you have unpacked your bags, and for years to come.

1. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way of documenting your vacation. You can include postcards of where you have been, your thoughts about the sites you have visited, and even menus from the restaurants you have dined in. Keep airline tickets, brochures and entry tickets as memory joggers for years to come, even the 2GO schedule from your trip to the Philippines can be a pleasant memory jogger. The joy of a scrapbook is that it is something that the whole family can enjoy collating, and will cherish for years to come.

2. Photos

Photos are a wonderful way to capture the essence of your vacation; after all, an image says a thousand words. If you’re on an iceland camper rental vacation, you’ll definitely want to take the opportunity of being in such a photogenic country to take countless photos while traveling through the majestic landscape. It is common practice to take lots of photos and then store them on your desktop, never to look at them again. Break this habit! Print out the best photos and frame them, use them as your background wallpaper, or even select a few for a calendar. Every time you look at your picture from your vacation, you will be transported back in time. For dramatic coastal backdrops to capture forever and for a relaxing vacation in Scotland, take your camera with you to spa hotels ayrshire.

3. Journal

While you are on your vacation, you will experience a wealth of new adventures. Writing a journal is a very personal way to document what you have been doing. You can include your emotional responses to the surroundings that you find yourself in: the good and the bad. You may be daunted by writing a journal daily, but it should only take 20 minutes, and you can include the highlights of your day and your reactions to your new surroundings. Alternatively, consider writing yourself postcards from each destination you visit with a brief recap of your activities – the benefit of this is that you will have a professional photograph of where you have been, and an exotic stamp!

4. Blog

We live in a digital age, and blogs are the technology-driven version of a journal, and allow you to not only record your experiences, but share them with loved ones too. There are several free sites that you can use, although you will need to have regular access to the internet to keep your blog up to date.

5. Souvenirs

All tourist hot spots have scores of souvenirs available for them to buy. The problem is that they often end up in the bottom of a wardrobe, and not as a visual reminder of your vacation. The trick to buying souvenirs is to make them relevant to you back at home. A 6-foot batik may be wonderful in Bali, but will it suit your apartment? Think about the souvenirs in terms of how they will suit your home. This way you will be proud to display it and receive enjoyment from it every day.

We all enjoy a trip down memory lane, and if you have experienced a wonderful vacation, you want to be able to return to those feel-good memories. Whether you write down your experiences in a journal, post them online, embrace the nostalgia, and relive the moments.

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  • Donna K

    I love all these ideas for keeping memories alive. I keep detailed notes about where we are going, and what we are going to be doing. Keeping these would help memories too.

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