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My Savvy Review Of The Ultra Lightweight Womow Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner PLUS Grab A Code For 40% Off!

With the Holidays around the corner, I find myself prepping and cleaning my home to get ready for the season. I always like doing a thorough clean with the change of the seasons as it helps to keep my house in order and in top top shape. I find it especially important at this time of the year as the Holidays are right around the corner which means family and friends will be stopping in for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years. It is such a warm and wonderful time of year with lots of good food to be enjoyed all season long and my home being clean and tidy is a crucial part of that atmosphere and which is the reason why I jumped at the chance to work with Womow to try out their Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This cordless unit will make cleaning a breeze and so far I am loving the results!

This handy vacuum cleaner is made to be ultra lightweight all while making cleanup on hard surfaces and more a breeze. I absolutely love the idea of cordless stick vacuums as I love that there are no cords hindering you getting all around the house in record time but sometimes power can be an issue with the units which is a reason I am leary. This is not the case with the Womow Ultra lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner as it is equipped with a 22.2V Lithium-ion battery to provide you the power you need. This cordless vacuum delivers up to 40 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction across hard floors, tile and thin carpets such as my berber rug. The unit itself only weighs 2.9 pounds, and with swivel steering and the ergonomic designed handle, this amazing unit maneuvers under and around furniture with ease which I love.

I still have my traditional vacuum cleaner for hardcore cleaning jobs but this handy vacuum cleaner is my go to for every day quick cleanups and floor maintenance. The 150 watt motor provides you with a continuous 10Kpa suction in MAX mode to complete a quick and thorough cleaning on hard wood floors, tile floors, marble floors, thin carpets and stairs. I keep this in my pantry and have it hanging on the wall as it is so convenient and I can grab it to make quick cleans whenever I am in need. The unit comes with everything you need to mount it on the wall of you can just leave it standing.

What I love most about this unit besides it being cordless, is how lightweight it is. It is less than 3 pounds and easily converts to a handy vacuum cleaner which meets all of my cleaning needs from floor to ceiling to nook with the 2 attachments it comes with.

I have to stress that I love the battery life on this unit as compared to others that I have tried. The 6×3.7v battery cell supports the vacuum with an outstanding tuning time of 40 minutes in regular mode, which is more than enough time for me to cover the whole house in a single battery charge. I also really appreciate that it has  indicator lights that show the accurate and timely battery status during cleaning.

This cordless stick vacuum is amazing on hard floors… and low pile carpets. It uses a self-cleaning brush roll, which picks up all kinds of embedded debris and dust in its path. I also love how flexible it is as it allows you to swivel around and under furniture and cabinets while the LED light illuminate the particles, which helps you to ensure a good clean, leaving nothing behind.

As I mentioned above there are two ways to store this unit. You can simply hang it using the complimentary wall mount that the unit comes with or you can simply stand it upright for storage. Both ways work perfectly and it won’t clutter your house or be knocked over by your kids and pets.

So what do you think of the Womow Ultra Light Cordless Stick Vacuum? Have you been wanting a cordless stick vacuum but are unsure of which one to try? I am loving this one for sure as it works perfectly and the price is right. It is a lightweight and versatile handheld vacuum that everyone needs for their home for quick and effective cleanups PLUS it makes the absolute perfect gift for so many on my gift giving list this holiday season.

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  • Catherine

    I love the sleek design…It’s looks a lot lighter than the one that I have and I love all that it can do! Cordless is definitely a must. I will definitely be looking into this next time I need a new vacuum.

  • Amy D

    I totally need this! I have 2 young children, so crumbs are everywhere. It would just be so night to have this lightweight vacuum to use anywhere. It is so light that they can even clean up their own crumbs. I also love that the battery lasts for 40 minutes. That is a long time for a wireless vacuum. I love that I could clean things like my curtains and keyboard too with it.

  • upstatemissy

    This looks like a fantastic product. I would love a cordless vacuum, it seems like it work for me so much better than carrying my heavy vacuum from room to room so I can plug it in.

  • Susan Smith

    I like that it has indicator lights that show the accurate and timely battery status during cleaning, so I can make sure I’m done vacuuming before I loose the charge.

  • Carrie

    This sounds perfect for me. I don’t have many carpets in my home, but I do have pets and need to vacuum things like the stairs, furniture, drapes, etc. so the fact that this is so lightweight would be perfect!

  • Scarlet

    This would be perfect for my mother because she is having trouble using her current heavy vacuum cleaner especially on the stairs. This light one is just what she needs.

  • Adriane

    With my back issues “lightweight” is crucial! I also have no storage space for a larger vacuum – this would be ideal.

  • Amber Lee Kolb

    You had me at lightweight and cordless!! I’ve had brain, skull and spine surgery for Arnold-Chiari Brain Malformation and I have a hard time lifting our current heavy vacuum. I also have balance issues so I’m always tripping over things. This sounds like the perfect vacuum!

    • mcushing7

      This vacuum is even better than I thought. I use it daily and it picks up everything! It even does an amazing job on shag rugs. Love Love Love this unit and it is priced beautifully!

  • wen budro

    Thank you for your thorough review. This looks like a wonderful household tool. I often get so frustrated with having to lug a heavy vacuum around and navigate the stupid cord.

  • Lauryn R

    This definitely sounds like an incredible vacuum! I love that it is cordless (amazing!) and lightweight. I don’t mind vacuuming, it’s the lugging it around that bugs me. This vacuum would be so handy to have for every messes! Thank you so much for your review.

  • Brianna Evers

    I love that it is so lightweight! Thank you for the recommendation. I will be sure to check it out.

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