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5 Pastry Shops To Try In Sydney

5 Pastry Shops To Try In Sydney

From different pastries such as cakes, to bread, to pies, here are some of the highly recommended pastry shops to try in Sydney, Australia.


  1. Victoire Bakery

From tarts, to croissants, to loaves of bread, Victoire Bakery has been pronounced best place to “read the paper and have a coffee” in the town Edding, Sydney, Australia. This bakery produces a limited amount to the types of pastries they make, but they have tons of loyal customers. According to yelp.com, the best loaves of bread to try are the black olive or sun-dried tomato. Their chocolate croissants, which they also turn into cakes have brought along a lot of publicity for the tiny french themed bakery. Their customers do claim that they are a bit on the “pricier” side, but the bakery does provide in great quantities, as well as outstanding quality.


  1. Sweet Infinity

While classic cupcakes are not the most admirable dessert for tourists now-a-days, Sweet Infinity produces personalized celebration cakes. As well as their great deal of choices in macaroons. They are more of a coffee shop that makes pastries other than a bakery or sweet shop. Customers on Zomato.com state that Sweet Infinity is the place to go to, especially for tourists. There is never any line, they have great prices, and you can submit an order for absolutely any pastry in their display window for later pick-up, or bulk buys.


  1. Adriano Zumbo

This is the Pastry shop to visit when traveling to Australia for cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, and anything you might remember seeing in the movie “Willy Wonka” when you were a child. Food Critics rate this place at a 98% satisfaction rate (ratemyrestaurant.com) for prices, customer services, and overall foodie sensations. The restaurant creates all different types of pastries, with ALL different types of flavors. There most requested flavor of macarons and cupcake frosting is “Salted Caramel Drizzled Caramel Corn”, according to Zomato.


  1. La Renaissance Pâtisserie

Patisseries in Sydney are mostly known for their seasonal cupcakes with different flavored frostings and fillings, while this particular place is known for large corporate orders on cakes and flans. While they still produce petite cupcakes, Cupcakes Sydney is none the less the item that stands out more than others. That is the reasoning for La Renaissance Patisserie for producing a variety of cakes in large and small amounts with different flavorings. Their flans comes drenched in caramel sauce for your delightful taste buds to be satisfied.


  1. Sweetness the Patisserie

This is the one sweet shop that focus on one item, and one item only: Marshmallows. How fun! Everything in their bakery is created using marshmallows as their main ingredient. They have cakes, biscuits, jellies, candies, but everything is coated or has marshmallows incorporated in them in some way. Zomato food critics gave this place a 99% satisfaction rate for customer service and pricing. Most customers say that their marshmallow sticks which contain 3 marshmallows, drizzled chocolate, and dipped in glitter frosting, to be their favorites.

Since most tourists are looking for those lovely yet outrageous site-seeing views during their travels, most of us should be focus on the delicacies other countries bring us. And while majority of human beings become fascinated and overjoyed with the thought of desserts. Sweets that are indulgent come from all over the world, and since we know that why not hesitate to try them all? That is why these places are a must-try when visiting Australia.

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