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Ensure Your Child Is Organized For Back to School With Name Bubbles Labels

Being organized is everything to me as it is the only way that I am able to accomplish everything that I need to each and every day, especially with my working from home and being my own boss. It is also important for me to instill this value into my children as well because organization is something that they will carry with them throughout life and if they are organized it makes my life easier as well as theirs. This is why with Back to School literally right around the corner, I am already preparing for all that the kiddos will need from new school clothes, to new school supplies and most importantly Name Bubbles Labels created in their favorite designs and for pretty much everything they need to take with them to school. My kids are so excited to finally be back in school which is super exciting after the crazy year and more that we have had and I have to admit… so am I!

Name Bubbles Labels

Name Bubble Labels are the perfect way to label your kids school supplies, lunch supplies, clothing items and more. This is especially important for the younger kids in the earlier years. I am ordering some of these labels from Name Bubbles for my little Scarlet and I am going to pick the perfect design for her and then once we order them and get them delivered… we can go all out by labeling and organizing everything for her first day of Kindergarten. Not only will these labels make things easier for Scarlet but also her teacher as tagging their belongings with their name will avoid mix ups with other students in her class and I can rest assured she has everything that she can need. It also saves me the headache of trying to track down her lost items or having to pay to replace them.

Name Bubbles Labels

Name Bubbles creates custom name labels for the kiddos that are seriously awesome. Name Bubbles Labels are printed in high-quality vinyl material using non-toxic ink plus they are waterproof, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe making them durable enough to last the entire school season. The best part… they have plain and simple designs as well as fun colorful designs to suit your child’s style and taste.

Name Bubbles Labels

Name Bubbles waterproof labels are perfect for labeling many of my child’s school supplies. They are perfect for labeling your child’s pencil cases, food containers for lunch, reusable water bottles, hard lunch boxes, laptops & tablets and anything that they carry and that has a hard surface. I pack my kids lunches so I am loving these waterproof labels as I can put all fo her reusable lunch contains and water bottles right into the dishwasher and not worry about the label being damaged in the process.

Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles not only has fabulous waterproof labels that are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe but they also have iron-on labels for your child’s clothing items. They have permanent iron-on labels that are perfect for face masks, fabric book bags, school uniforms and your child’s clothing. They have designs of all kinds…. From camouflage to cupcakes, arrows to anchors and customizable name labels as unique as your child that you can design. The best part is that you can wash and dry the items with the labels and rest assured your items will still be properly labeled for the next use when they come out of the laundry.

Name Bubbles Labels

Name Bubbles iron-on labels make it super easy for your child to keep track of their items while at school so that there are no more lost items or germs mix-ups to worry about. That for me is everything as I do not have time to track down lost items and I sure as heck do not want to have to constantly worry about replacing those lost items. The iron-on labels come in three different label shapes, including contact labels that allow you to include extra information, like your phone number, in the event something goes missing outside of school. The iron-on labels from Name Bubbles are perfect for labeling those face masks, socks, t-shirts, underwear, hats, mittens, coats, gloves, fabric lunch totes and more!

Name Bubbles Labels To Help Stay Organized

So what do you think of Name Bubbles Labels? Are you like myself and a stickler for being organized and ensuring your family is organized as well? With the hectic and busy lives we live today… being organized is the key which is why I had to share my love for Name Bubbles and their permanent labels. I will be ordering their School Label Packs and Clothing Label Packs for my little Scarlet for Back to School this year and I am for sure ordering that fun cupcake design as she really likes that one. You too can customize your own set of these permanent labels for you child today and you will find yourself well on your way to being more organized all while not having to replace those lost items while your kiddos are at school. Check out Name Bubbles today and prepare your child for organized success this Back to School season.

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Name Bubbles Labels

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