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Saving More Money At Home This Spring


Now that the spring is here it is time for a fresh start in all aspects of our life. We can look at decorating our home in a more exciting and colourful way, look into changing our eating an exercise habits for the better, and also modify the way we use our finances. Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways we can manage our money better this year for a much smarter lifestyle, and the ways in which we can live our daily lives to save money at home.

Cook in big batches

If you are always cooking in the evenings and making big meals for your family, over time this can really make an impact on your energy bills and you’ll expend a lot of gas and electricity. However if you choose to make one big batch meal at the start of the week, this can save you a lot of energy every day switching the oven on and off, and in turn you will be able to spend less time in the kitchen and save some money.

…Or don’t cook at all

What could be better than cooking for only one or two days a week? Not cooking at all! If you are trying to make a lifestyle change this year for the better, it could be a great idea for you to create interesting salads and raw meals instead of cooked ones. Not only will it keep the house cool and stop you overheating, but it will also cost no energy and therefore save you a lot of money at the end of the month.

Make your own coffee

We all know how important that first sip of coffee can be in the morning, and when we are trying to rush to work in the morning to start the day, a good coffee can make all the difference. However instead of spending $3-4 every day at your local coffee shop, why not make the coffee at home and prevent yourself having to use your CardGuru credit card for the last week of the month? You can create some amazing coffees at home and if you love a good latte you can find a tutorial for this online! There’s really no excuse for buying overpriced coffee every day.

Switch off the heating

Now that the weather is getting a little bit warmer it is the ideal time for us to start thinking about switching off the heating in the house for good. Instead of having the heating on all day every day it can be a great idea for you instead to warm up with clothes for the time being as we transition to those warmer climates.

Grow your own food

If you are a dab hand in the garden and you want to save a little money through the spring and summer, growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great idea. You could grow potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, berries and loads more…  and this can save you having to fork out on produce at the grocery store. Plus, you’ll have much fresher foods to work with so it’s a win win!


  • Marie Moody

    Well, when I make spaghetti I do make extra sauce and freeze some and the same goes with homemade soup. As far as growing my own I have a be vegetable garden mostly every year until I had major back surgery last summer it was 4 1/2 hrs. Now Hubby cooks a lot.

  • Donna

    I’d love to grow vegetables and fruit. I already enjoy gardening, so I think I would have fun with it. Plus, it would help save money, which is always nice!