Choosing a good family lawyer
Savvy Tips & Helpful Hints

6 Tips for Choosing a Good Family Lawyer

Legal counsel for your family is a sensitive matter. You want the best brains you can afford because the attorney needs to know all the intimate details in order to represent your family well. Picking the right attorney can be tough.

Attorneys seek out SEO methods to rank a law firm in Google Maps. However, you cannot always just pick the top ranking lawyers to handle your legal issues. You need to dig a little deeper. The sections below contain tips that you might find useful when you want to hire a family lawyer.    

Why Every Family Needs to Have a Lawyer    

A family lawyer might seem like something reserved for filthy rich families but that is far from the reality. Middle income families need lawyers to help them handle legal matters like drafting a will, handling a divorce, purchasing property, and many others. 

Getting competent legal representation helps to move things quickly when the need arises. Not everyone who markets themselves as a lawyer is equipped to handle  family issues. That is why you need to put the tips listed in the next section in mind when hiring a lawyer for your family.     

Useful Tips When Choosing Legal Counsel for Your Family

1. Hire a Lawyer Who Specializes in Family Law 

Law is a very wide and dynamic field of study. No lawyer can claim to have mastered all the subdivisions of law. To get the best representation, it is recommended that you pick a lawyer who specializes in family law. A general practice attorney can also handle a variety of matters for your family. If you are not strained on money, you can opt to retain a law firm and ask them to send their best men for specific situations to work on your case.

2. Work with Referrals

Most lawyers have grown their businesses through recommendations. None of your friends or family would recommend a poor performer to you. Asking people who have traveled the legal path before you to suggest whom you should work with is a great way to find competent legal representation.

3. Consider the Level of Experience

A lawyer’s track record can give you indication whether you will win your case. That is why lawyers choose a specific area of practice and perfect their skills in that one area. Pick the lawyer with the best track record in divorce cases for instance when you have a divorce case. 

4. Work with a Budget

The best lawyers do not come cheap. That’s why you should work out a reasonable agreement with your lawyer before signing an engagement contract with them. In most cases, lawyers charge by the hour, but that can change. Some lawyers accept to be paid a percentage fee from legal suits involving huge amounts of money.    

5. Practice Location

American state laws vary from one state to another. That is why you need to hire a lawyer who is well versed with the local laws in your area. Law firms that have more than one area of jurisdiction have lawyers for every branch which helps their clients get specialized services.  

6. Open Line of Communication

Competent lawyers keep their clients posted on the proceedings of their case. And they do this in layman terms. Legal jargon can be hard to understand, but your lawyer should help you to make sense of it and advise you on the best course of action.     

Final Thoughts on Picking a Family Lawyer 

Picking an attorney that you can connect with might take a while. However, you can rest assured that there is one out there for you. Just keep a positive attitude and be willing to give a few lawyers the chance to prove themselves. The commitment is not cast in stone and can always be terminated if you find a better fit in the future.  


  • Levi Armstrong

    You made a good point when you said I should work with a family lawyer who a trusted friend or family has referred. I am looking for one since I am in a nasty custody battle with my ex-husband. I’ll ask around to find a reliable and reputable family lawyer in our area. Hopefully, I’ll find one soon so I could discuss my case with them.

    • mcushing7

      Good luck to you and hope it all goes well. Never a fun time going through this but it will be over and you can move on 😉

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