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4 Tips for Making It Through a Long Layover with Kids in Tow

4 Tips for Making It Through a Long Layover with Kids in Tow

Although layovers may simply come with the territory of travel, exclusively long layovers and delays that last hours on end are a total pain.

And when you add your kids to the mix, the situation gets exponentially crazier and more stressful, right?

Surviving a long layover with kids of any age can be a major headache, especially if you’re dealing with little ones who are in constant need of attention. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make the situation a bit less stressful and perhaps even enjoyable as you wait to catch your next flight.

So, what can you do to make it through your long layover with kids minus going crazy?


Accept Your Situation

First and foremost, there’s no use in panicking or trying to get into a fight with airline staff. Take a deep breath and understand that it’s going to be okay. If you’re worried about the financial aspect of missing your flight, bear in mind that businesses such as Get Service can actually help you get compensation for a delayed flight.

In any case, it pays to be mentally prepared for your layover.


Let Them Get Their Energy Out

If you think that a six or eight-hour layover is enough to make you stir-crazy and anxious, imagine how your kids feel.

Allowing your child to enjoy some playtime not only lets them stretch their legs but also get a bit of energy out. Anything you can do to keep them entertained and pass the time is a plus. Meanwhile, enough playtime can help wear your kids out.

Some airports have dedicated areas where kids can play; however, make sure that you encourage your child to use their “inside” voice to avoid disrupting others. Remember: there are probably other stressed-out passengers in your situation that would rather not have to deal with screaming children. In some cases, you may need to go outside and actually leave the airport to find a place to run around.


Make Sure Your Devices are Charged

While you may not want to let your kids veg out in front of a phone or tablet, a long layover represents an extreme case where letting your electronics do the parenting is just fine. Ideally, you should have a portable charger on hand to avoid those often-full airport charging stations.

Whatever you decide to do in terms of devices, don’t let your phone totally die as you may need it for calls and texts before or after your slight.


Put Them to Sleep

If you’re at your wit’s end, safe over-the-counter sleep aids such as antihistamines and children’s Dramamine knock your child out if they’re restless or are having trouble sleeping. Either way, don’t give your kid a sleep aid at an airport if they’ve never had them for the first time. Likewise, follow the age instructions on the bottle of any medications you give them, most of which are readily available at the airport.

Neither you nor your kids want to be stuck during a long layover, but sometimes it just plain happens. Rather than lose your mind, stick to these tips to make your situation much more bearable.

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  • gloria patterson

    they should be a place for kids and parents something for them to play with and someplace for them to lay down