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Great Foods To Eat In Order To Recover Faster After An Injury

Great Foods To Eat In Order To Recover Faster After An Injury

Whether you are injured because of a stress fracture or because of going through a recent surgery, recovering is something that is really important for you. Most athletes going through an injury will eventually have to think about getting sports medicine physical therapy to help them get back to their winning ways. Having an injury as a sportsperson is one of the worst things that can happen, however the rehabilitation process can only make you stronger. Although, just as with anything associated with working out, what you eat is going to have a huge impact on everything. There’s a lot to think about when you’re out injured, Groth & Associates dealt with many that were injured and that fought to recover. Here is what they realized.

Do Not Diet Or Stop If You Are Dieting

What is very important is to eat right and give your body all the nutrients that you need. Since you are injured, the body needs more than usual. If you are dieting, it is a huge problem. An injured athlete needs optimal fueling. When talking about athletes there is the fear of gaining weight. Remember that all injured individuals have to eat.

You should know that it is your organs that are burning most of the calories that you consume. They will need more fuel in order to work at appropriate levels. At the same time, the body requires up to 20% more calories in the event it is faced with minor surgery or trauma. Fewer calories are needed because training levels are lower but it is important to get more than the sedentary baseline.

What Should You Eat?

In order to enhance your healing you have to consume quality foods in order to get absolutely all the nutrients your body requires to heal and function. Never eliminate a food group. Try to get your carbs from fruits, vegetables and grains. The carbs are necessary for fuel. Protein is going to help you repair muscles and heal.

The protein you eat should come from low fat dairy, nuts, legumes and lean meats. Extra protein is required after the surgery or the injury so the body can heal faster. Up to 30 grams of protein will be necessary.

Recovering from the injury should be based on taking care of your body and increasing consumption of the following:

  • Fish and plant oils Fats found in peanut butter, canola oil, olive oil, nut butter, nuts, flax oil and ground flaxseeds have a very strong anti-inflammatory effect. The exact same thing can be said about omega-3 fish oils.
  • Vitamins – You want to consume colorful vegetables and fruits. This is much more useful than with vitamin pills. We recommend strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, broccoli and carrots.
  • Minerals – Those that eat low quantities of red meat will require extra iron. You want to be sure that you never neglect iron during injury recovery since it is highly helpful.


As you can so easily notice, what you will consume after you are faced with an injury will be highly important for the recovery period. If you do not know what your diet should include, be sure you contact a nutritionist that has experience in dealing with injuries. That is going to help you to create a nutrition plan that is of a high quality and that includes all that you actually need to aid the body. Once you start to feel better, it might be in your best interests to contact a workers compensation attorney. Through the workers compensation program, injured employees across the country are able to receive medical treatment and even have a portion of their wages paid after being injured in a work-related accident or becoming ill on the job. For more information, go to

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  • Cheryl Everitt

    After an injury a good rule of thumb would be to get a lot of rest and liquids. A diet of fish, plant oils, and colorful vegetables and fruits will aid in a faster recovery.

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