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4 Caring Careers You Shouldn’t Overlook

It doesn’t matter whether you are fresh out of college looking for your first job, or whether you fancy switching careers, there is a whole host of potential career options open to you. It can be difficult to figure out the perfect role, so first you need to consider what will give you the ultimate job satisfaction. If the answer to this question involves making an impact, helping others, providing a safe environment and giving back to your community, then you may be eager for a career within a caring profession. There are plenty out there to choose from so here’s a helping hand at analyzing the sorts of jobs you may wish to investigate.


The world of nursing has become much more skilled over the past decade. Gone are the days of drawing blood, tending to dressings and putting on slings. These days nursing is a highly skilled career that requires years of study. You may choose to specialize in a medicinal area that interests you such as mental health nursing or pediatrics. Working within a team of other medical professionals, it will be your job to save lives. While this sounds melodramatic, this will be your motivation every day. Emotionally, you will need to strike the perfect balance between empathy and detachment, so that you don’t bring the emotional baggage home with you every night. It can be tough when you cannot save a life, but ultimately you will be at the forefront of medicine, treating people with diseases and injuries, and helping them return to a normal way of life.

Police Officer

If you are a massive fan of LA Law, you might have already toyed with the idea of a career in law enforcement. Becoming a police officer means undergoing a rigorous assessment process to ensure that you are right for the role. You need integrity, determination and resilience. The people that you encounter as a police officer will not always be pleased to see you. Your wellbeing may be under threat at times, and it will be imperative that you can remain calm and keep a cool head. By enrolling on an online criminal justice program, you could take the first steps toward a law enforcement career.

No two days will ever be the same. One day you might be helping a victim of a mugging, the following day you could be carrying out surveillance on a drug gang and the next you may be giving evidence in court. This is the perfect career if you are passionate about making your community a safer place for everyone.


If you are a good listener, then you should consider a counseling career. Being able to help people unpick their problems, get to the root cause of their issues and address their anxiety, depression or mental health is a skill. If you have that skill, then why not exploit it for good? After four years of study, you could graduate and begin working in a hospital or even within your own private practice. The latter option can be rewarding but challenging, so making use of the latest software such as this private practice EMR software is a particularly advisable idea for keeping things running smoothly. By asking probing questions and guiding individuals to work through their inner turmoil, you can help them recover from trauma to lead a normal life once again.


If you are keen to work with younger people, then why not explore the option of teaching? You may choose to work within a nursery, an elementary school or specialize in a subject within a high school. You may have an exceptional knowledge base, but you also need to hone the pedagogy skills so that you can effectively pass this knowledge onto others in an engaging way. You will also need to welcome a pastoral role, helping the youth of today to overcome self esteem issues, mediate in bullying cases, and help those timid children find their inner confidence.

Teaching is a vocation and requires a high level of commitment. With drive and resilience, you could embark on a career that can give you the ultimate in job satisfaction. You will be helping younger people to find their place in the world, morph into responsible and ethical citizens and become confident lifelong learners.

Leaving college to start your first job should be exciting. If you are making a career switch, while it may be daunting to fit into a new role, you can find a satisfying alternative way to spend your working hours. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a safer society, educate the youth of today, help people overcome trauma or help save lives on the frontline, there are a wealth of careers worthy of your consideration.


  • sandra

    i find these professions to be very noble. the people who i have encountered who are in these professions truly care about others. that’s not me

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have a few nurses, counselors and teachers in the family. I know it’s really hard work, but I think they all consider it very worthwhile work.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are great suggestions. I am a nurse and I love it. Love every one of my patients I am blessed to take care of