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Backup Photos, Videos & More With The Qubii Duo Auto-Backup Device!

As a blogger and social media influencer, I am always creating pictures and videos on my iPhone and I have around 11,000 on there right now. My phone is everything to me with the work that I do and if for any reason something happened to my phone and those memories and content were lost, I would be devastated. There are precious family pictures of our adventures on my phone, not to mention prized video footage of my kids and more that to me are priceless. Add to that the many collaborations I have done with brands that I love and the content saved on my phone from endless hours spent creating for them, and my phone is a prized and priceless device that I cannot live without.  I mean……what happens if something happens to my phone? Yes there is the cloud that I use too, but I love having complete control over the media on my phone which is why I am excited to share the coolest little device with you that anyone with a smart phone needs and it is the Qubii Duo. The Qubii Duo is an ultra fast charging, advanced auto-backup cube that is seriously amazing and a must have for parents, influencers and anyone that loves taking pictures, videos and more with their phones like myself. Let’s take a look at how this amazing little device works and why it’s a must have.

The Qubii Duo is an advanced Auto-Backup cube for Apple & Android devices. It is important to know which of the Qubii Duo devices you will need when ordering so that it is the proper fit for your device(s). I have an iPhone 14 Pro and received the Qubii Duo USB-A device to use for my backup needs plus also a Micro SD card to use in the cube for storage.

The way the Qubii Duo works is very simple and super easy to do from the start. The first step is to insert your microSD Card and then you connect the Qubii Duo to your power adaptor. You then plug your phone into the Qubii Duo using your charging cable and follow the on-screen prompts to download the free Qubii app. Once you have completed this initial setup, all of your content will automatically backup whenever you plug your phone in to charge. You can also easily secure your back-ups by locking them with 1-click so that no one else can access your files without your permission and Qubii even allows users to enable Face ID/Touch ID settings in the app for 2-factor authentication that goes far beyond what most auto-backup devices provide on the market today.

Pretty cool right!? The Qubii Duo basically acts as a middleman while you charge your phone each and every day and it does it automatically whenever you plug it in for a charge! I find that to be ingenious as the Qubii Duo allows IOS and Android users to automatically store photos, 4K videos, contacts, music, and other files securely offline with the smart automatic backup technology, extensive storage space up to 2TB and two-factor authentication security, no mater where you’re located.

As an influencer I love that the Qubii Duo also supports backups with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and more! How cool is that?

As mentioned above, the Qubii Duo is designed for use with both Android devices and Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad and the best part is that you can use that one Qubii Duo backup cube across multiple devices which is awesome. You can also rest assured that Qubii will recognize the device automatically when it’s plugged in and that it’s designed to automatically identify new files, photos and videos when you plug the device in for a charge and immediately begins backing up those new files within seconds.

Qubii Duo Features:

*Automatically backs up new files each time you charge your device after initial setup!

*Compatible With Windows & Mac OS; Android & Apple Devices

*Extensive Storage Up To 2TB (microSD Card NOT Included)

*Supports Fast-Charging With Power Management IC

*Two-factor Authentication Content Security

*Patented MicroSD Password Encryption Feature

*Easy Navigation Via Dedicated Qubii Pro App

*No Monthly Subscription

*Secure Offline Database

*Shareable With Multiple Devices

*Backup Duplication Detection; Auto-Resume From Last Backup

*Supports iPhone & iPad & Apple Files Auto Backup

*Compatible Operating Systems: iOS 12. x or above / MacOS X / Windows 7,8,10

*Even Faster Speeds Than USB-A 3.1& USB-C

So what do you think of the Qubii Duo!? Are you a parent or influencer or maybe a realtor or photographer with lots of valuable and priceless photos and files on your phone that you want to securely backup? You need the Qubii Duo! This bad boy automatically backups new files each and every time you charge your phone and it comes with a 2 year warranty to boot. Customers love Qubii Duo due to it being super simple to use and unlike traditional photo sticks that are always draining the battery and that also requires you to remember to do the backup, Qubii Duo does it automatically when charging! No matter if you are backing up thousands of photos or 15 photos, if you are able to charge your phone, you are able to securely back-up those priceless files with this amazing device! I also have to note that you never run out of room with the Qubii either as you can just switch to a new microSD card whenever it’s full and never use cloud services again! Check out the Qubii Duo today & this is the ultimate gift too!

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