3 Great Deshedding Tools To Try For Dogs

Our furry friends will always be our best friends. But let’s face it; they can be quite overwhelming sometimes. This is especially true in times when there’s too much hair everywhere. You can find it on the sofa, on the floor, on the bed, and even on your favorite sweater, clinging to it like it’s been glued on there forever. This can be very frustrating especially if you want to keep your home clean and hair-free. Moreover, this is a huge problem for your health specifically if you have asthma and other lung-related health problems. Thankfully, there are several ways to control the spreading of the hair of your furry friends. One of these ways is by the use of deshedding tools.

Here are 3 great deshedding tools to try for dogs.

1.    Brushes and Combs

Just like us, dogs also need proper care for their hair in order to promote healthy and strong hair growth. Brushing and combing it properly is essential to ensure that they have good blood circulation in their scalp which is crucial to your dog’s health. This will also result in fewer problems with shedding. You don’t necessarily need the most complicated combs or brushes for them so long as they are made of high-quality materials and can handle your pet’s shedding. Some of the deshedding tools you will find are slick brushes, wide-toothed comb, bristle brushes, rubber brushes, pin brushes, and more. Find the best and high-quality brushes and combs like the one in furminator. They are worth the investment and will not disappoint you.

2.    Paw hair trimmer

If your dog’s paws grow a considerable length of hair over time, you might want to consider trimming it to avoid the spread of more hairs. Keep your dog’s paws clean all the time now just to groom your dog but also to ensure your home is clean. As the hair around the paws of your pet starts to grow, it will accumulate some dirt and debris and if you didn’t trim it, it will accumulate faster than you think. This adds more frustration on your end as the hair already has more dirt in them. Get a good paw hair trimmer that can easily trim off the hair in your dog’s paws. Make sure that it is comfortable to use and does not hurt your dog. Some products made of low-quality materials may hurt your pet.

3.    Deshedding shampoo

Shampoos may sound like just normal items to use for your pet every day but they are far more important than you think. They can affect your dog’s overall health so make sure that you choose the right one that can effectively clean your dog’s hair and also treat any concerns. Find a deshedding shampoo that can help moisturize your dog’s coat and strengthen it. Find one that is made of natural ingredients that will not cause damage to your dog.  Make some research before buying one to avoid getting the wrong one for your pet.


  • Lauryn R

    These are great tools for decreasing the amount of shedding your dogs do, thank you so much for sharing! I had no idea that paw hair trimmers even existed, and that shampoo sounds amazing as well!

  • PetToy.co.uk

    Great list! Thanks for sharing.
    Do you find the deshedding shampoo is effective? It’s not something I’ve tried with my dog before (it’s hard enough to bathe him at the best of times!).

  • ANN*H

    My sons Husky always leave me full of hair when I visit. My best idea for him is to take a sponge and dampen it then run it over his fur – pulls all the lose hair off. This also works good for getting hair of sofa or clothing too.