Chrome Diopside
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Chrome Diopside – Everything you need to know

Chrome Diopside is a gemstone which is green in color and serves as a great substitute for other green gemstones, like  Emerald and Tsavorite. In fact, Chrome Diopside is the most affordable gem among all the rich green colored gemstones. Chrome Diopside is mainly available in smaller Carat sizes.

Gemstones are the rocks that have a beautiful color or a shape and they are even rarer and more precious than diamonds. People do prefer gemstones over any other stone because they have healing powers and also have positive effects on the body as well as having the capability to control human emotions. Each gemstone has different benefits and healing powers.  

Each and every gemstone has its own origin, benefits and beliefs and some gemstones are birthstones. So What is the difference between a birthstone and a gemstone? There is no such difference between a birthstone and a gemstone, as a birthstone is a gemstone that represents an individual’s period of birth that is usually the birth month or zodiac sign. These stones are often worn as jewelry like pendants, rings, and earrings, etc.

Chrome Diopside is a gemstone which occurs in a wide range of colors like yellow, green and brown and has a brightness. Chrome Diopside should not be confused with Emerald, because both look a lot alike.  Chrome Diopside got its green color due to the presence of chlorine in it and it is the perfect substitute/alternative for Emeralds as Emeralds can be very pricey as compared to its more inexpensive counterpart….Chrome Diopside.

Chrome diopside was found in 1988 and the term diopside comes from the Greek words “di” and “opsis,” which mean “two” and “vision. The chemical composition of chrome diopside is MgCaSi2O6  and It occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks. 

Though Chrome diopside is not a traditional birthstone of any month,it’s still associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces as well as Gemini and Virgo.

Chrome Diopside is often used in making jewelry pieces like pendants, rings, mens bracelets and earrings, etc but chrome diopside works and looks best in earrings and brooches. If you happen to be a stone lover and wish to make your jewelry box shine then you must get Chrome Diopside rings , pendants, earrings and more which come in a wide variety of designs and at a price you can afford. 

History of Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside is a gemstone that was discovered back in 1988. It can be found anywhere across the globe but primarily it can be found in Russia. However Pakistan is a leading supplier of this gemstone and other countries like Australia, Russia, Canada, Madagascar, Brazil and South Africa are also suppliers of this gemstone. 

Chrome Diopside vs Emerald 

Both chrome Diopside and Emerald are a bright and viivd shade of green but both of these gemstones are very much different from each other. Emeralds are much more expensive as compared to chrome diopside BUT emeralds are sturdier and more scratch resistant as compared to chrome diopside. Chrome diopside has a perfect level of transparency while Emeralds have a lower level of transparency as compared to chrome diopside. 

Caring of a Chrome Diopside

*Chrome Diopside must be stored separately from other gems in a separate Jewelry box and on a soft cloth. 

*Chrome diopside jewelry can be washed  n a solution of dish soap and warm water, and the stone can be cleaned  using a soft brush (soft bristled toothbrush) which will clean the stone from behind where dust can collect.

*Chrome Diopside gemstone should be removed before sleeping because this gemstone is very soft. 

*Jewelry made of Chrome Diopside should be removed when doing any physical activities like household cleaning, sports or gardening.

Benefits of Chrome Diopside

Following are some benefits of Chrome Diopside

*Chrome Diopside tends to protect wearers from evil and bad memories. 

*This gemstone also helps in increasing creative visualization.

*This gemstone also helps to heal the heart, circulatory system, and lungs of the human body.

*This also helps in improving the mathematical skills and analytical abilities of the wearer

*In addition to all these benefits, Chrome Diopside also helps to control anger and stubbornness. 

*Chrome Diopside is a gemstone for nature lovers. 

*Chrome Diopside is a gemstone which helps to overcome broken heart and sadness. 

*Chrome Diopside helps to avoid negative thoughts

*Chrome Diopside also helps to heal hormonal problems of the wearer.

*It is believed that this stone helps the wearer to explore inner self. 

Disadvantages of Chrome Diopside

*One of the biggest disadvantages of Chrome Diopside is its durability, the cleavage of Chrome Diopside is about 5.5 to 6.5 due to which the risk of being scratched or broken is very high. 

*Though chrome diopside is very attractive and gorgeous , chrome diopside is not a very popular gemstone like Tanzanite, Emerald or a ruby etc. The major reason can be its name because this name looks like the name of some chemical.

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