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Make A Deposit Into Someone’s Heart Today With The Love Bank! @bankyourlove

Make A Deposit Into Someone’s Heart Today With The Love Bank! @bankyourlove

With my daughter’s graduation around the corner, I have been on the hunt for amazing gifts that she can use and that she will appreciate. I also wanted to make sure that the gifts are gifts from the heart which is why I knew that The Love Bank would be just perfect for her as I can have everyone in our family leave a message or two on an adorable heart shaped note card that will be tucked away into The Love Bank. I will have it filled and overflowing with personal messages and cannot wait to gift it to her on her big day!

Take a look at this video which explains how The Love Bank works:

Is The Love Bank not the coolest thing ever? It is really a beautiful and rustic storage box that will be pretty to display in any room and it is a true keepsake that I would love to have myself. Plus there are so many scenarios in which this will make the perfect gift…… think Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Graduations and well any occasion in which you want to show a loved one how much you care about them. 

The Love Bank gets even better because when you purchase this product, you are not only spreading love to your designated recipient but it also provides a meal to someone in need through The Love Banks partnership with Feeding America®! How cool is that?

So what do you think of The Love Bank? Do you know someone that this would be the perfect gift for? Share with me and tell me all about it by leaving a comment below and make sure to visit The Love Bank online and visit them on social media a well!