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5 Freezer-Friendly Meals for the Time-Crunched Chef

Nutrition aficionados and kitchen newcomers alike can agree that preparing healthy, nutritious meals isn’t always efficient. Fitting in the time to plan meals, purchase ingredients, and get cooking can be daunting after an exhaustingly long day. Whether work, family, or other time-intensive obligations seem to keep you from creating flavorful and nourishing meals, there’s a simple solution that will make eating healthy a breeze. At the beginning of the week, or any moment you have the time to prepare a meal, try preparing a larger batch than you would usually make and store the extra in your freezer. 

Freezing foods helps preserve their nutrient content, prevents spoiling, and makes for a quick and easy reheatable meal. If you’re new to freezer-friendly meals or need a few new ideas, here are some foolproof recipes to cut down on cooking time.


Soups, stews, and chili stay fresh in the freezer for long periods and are among the easiest to reheat. The easiest way to organize your prepared meals, especially with recipes like soup, is to store them in an upright freezer from Goedeker’s. That way, they’re easy to see, grab, and arrange rather than having to dig through items piled on top of each other. For a recipe you can enjoy during cold winter evenings or warm summer afternoons, try a minestrone soup that’s packed full of nutrient-rich vegetables.


A heaping portion of pasta may be what you’re looking for when you’re in the mood for a filling, savory, and satisfying meal. The flavors from all of your favorite pasta dishes are preserved even after freezing, making a tasty meal that saves you from having to spend hours cooking after a tiring day. A delicious lasagna recipe is a great place to start since it’s easy to portion out leftovers into single servings in the freezer.


Full of flavor and packed with nutrients, curry is always a solid meal option to have on hand. Most curry recipes require minimal work and are easy to prepare in large batches. This recipe uses a variety of spices that you probably already have in your cupboard and fresh ginger, which has some holistic medicinal properties as an anti-inflammatory and combats an unsettled stomach. Reach for this on days you’re feeling blue or under the weather for some much-needed comfort. 

Toaster waffles

Does the smell of buttery frozen waffles heating up in the toaster during morning hours bring back happy memories? It’s a good thing that making the grown-up version is cheaper and arguably tastier. The options here are endless since you can use any waffle mix and add-ins. Check out this recipe for lemon ricotta waffles for a fancier toaster waffle experience. Just make the waffles ahead of time and store the remainder in the freezer. They’re the perfect breakfast when you’re short on time but still want something warm and filling. 


Sometimes takeout temptations are too intense to ignore, but you might not want to spend the time and money driving to pick up your order. Making stir-fry from home is an easy and healthy alternative to traditional takeout and is very freezer friendly. Whipping up a stir-fry is also a clever way to use up any vegetables that may be on their last legs in your produce drawer, cutting down on any potential food waste. 

Final Thoughts

Cooking healthy meals takes time and planning. By preparing larger batches and freezing the leftover for later, you’ll drastically cut down on time spent laboring in the kitchen. These recipes are sure to leave you fulfilled and content while providing you with additional meals that are easy to reheat.

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