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2021 Best Pool Tables Review

If you are looking to buy a new pool table for your office, game room, or garage, then this is the best pool tables review you will ever come across. There are many different pool tables in the market that may make it a little difficult for you to arrive at a stable decision without having doubt. Check out some of the best listed, pool tables reviews;

Barrington Springdale 90 Inch Billiard Table

Billiard is one of the best sports gaming equipment brands and manufacturers in the industry. They have created and manufactured different models of sporting equipment and tables and pool tables are not an exception. Their Barrington Springdale 90 inch Billiard Table is just about one of their best.

It is made with rubber bumpers and comes with multiple accessories including a set of billiard balls, a triangle, 2 chalks, 1 brush, and 2 cue sticks. It is also great for home use and just for fun.

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table 

East Point Sports Master ton Pool Table is another one from Billiard. It is affordable and comes with a fair price compared to multiple other pool tables, great for home installation and family use. 

The table has claw legs, 6 drop pockets, and comes with all accessories expected including 2 pool cues, 2 chalk pieces, a triangle, pool balls, table brush, and leg levelers. It has a luster long finish and is resistant to scratch. You can always expect a high-performance table, fair price, and long-lasting.

Slimline Slate Bed Pool Table

Slimline Slate Bed Pool Table is a home pool table with some great premium features that allow it to be used by professionals. It comes with a shallow cabinet (9 inches) for easy installation at home and a set of accessories including a set of pool balls, 1 triangle, table brush, table covers, 2 chalk cubes, and 6 spare cue tips. 

It is also installed with rubber pockets, has chrome-covered corner caps, and is 6 and 7 ft in dimension. Players are in for a fun time, smooth gameplay, and a great experience. It also is a great value for its price. 

Games son Harvard Pool Table

Games son Harvard pool table is obviously made by Games son. As expected of all their products, the table is of high quality, especially for recreational, and comes with premium features for professional play. It also comes accompanied with all accessories.

You can get it either 6ft or 7ft, has hidden pockets and an automatic ball return system for a great gameplay experience. Accessories include 2x cues, triangle, chalk, balls, and a brush. It also has adjustable leg levelers to create a level playing surface on uneven floors and is easy to assemble.

Mighty mast Speedster Pool Table

Mighty Mast Speedster Pool Table is a popular home pool table made in the UK. The table also has a great design that even pro players would be delighted to use. It is designed for speed and also serves as an excellent pool table for professional use.

The table has a ground slate bed, cushion rubbers for great bar response, and is generally of commercial quality. Some of its features are ¾ inch thick slate bed for bed material, 7ft, accessories include 2x tournament pool balls, 1x triangle, 1x dust cover, 2x full-size pool cues, and 2x chalk.

If you are looking for quality then Mighty mast Speedster Pool Table will serve the purpose. It provides the best value for money, easy to move around, transport, and install due to the hinged ‘lift-off’ top frame, and easy and fun to use both as a beginner or a pro.

Types of Pool Tables

There are multiple pool tables in the market, all from different brands and manufacturers, and most with different features and quality. It might seem easy to just go for popular brands and be guaranteed a quality table but the reality is it is not as easy as it sounds. You still need to have some knowledge about different tables to be able to pick out the best one for you. Check out the different types of pool tables below.

Slate pool tables

Tabletops are made of slate, which is also the best and most trusted and recommended material for pool tables. It provides a smooth and swift flow of the ball and is mostly used by professionals.

Wooden pool tables

These are next to slate in terms of use and popularity. They are easily available, smooth wooden table tops with also wooden legs and frames. It is crafted using hardwood for durability which causes it to be heavy and bulky, making portability and movement a little hard.


This is mostly available for the high-end market. Only the legs and frame are made of metal, and not the whole table. Aluminium, which is one of the best metal materials, rust free and light is the most used. It however may be prone to damage as it easily folds and breaks when it hits a hard surface. Steel is also a good recommendation. All the tabletops made of metal are usually cushioned and covered with a smooth cloth like velvet for smooth play.

Rubber Pool Tables

Rubber is generally a good material and popularly used especially in the sports industry in making sporting equipment due to its bouncing nature. They also make the best pool table materials. It has some kind of smoothness that is not only great for a smooth gaming experience but also increases durability. However, it’s prone to wear and tear and might need replacement every now and then. 


  • megan allen

    When I was around 10 years old we got a pool table for our basement! I grew up playing pool and all of my friends loved coming over and playing was perfect when I was a teenager! Lol we want to get one now that we have a family of our own!

  • tat2gurlzrock

    Our house is so small. I wish we had the room for one because I love to play! I didn’t know there were so many types to choose from.

    • mcushing7

      I am right there with you…. we chose a smaller home for more sustainable living but it does mean I have no room for a pool table either 🙂

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