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Protect Your Families Eyes With Blokz® Blue Light Glasses From Zenni

With Back to School season upon us… I am picking up all of the items and gear that my kids will need to get them started on the right foot for the new school year. Besides the basic school supplies and new school outfits….. I am also picking up my kids some protection for their eyes via the Blokz® Blue Glasses from Zenni, especially since now our kids are using tech on a regular basis. Think about it… our kids are constantly on their phones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop computers, gaming devices and more and with all of this technology comes the need to protect those eyes as our devices give off a harmful blue light. Blokz® Blue Light Glasses are the perfect solution and not only have I grabbed them for my kids, but I have also grabbed them for myself and for my husband so that we are all protected while using our many devices.

Zenni Glasses

Now you may be wondering what is so bad about the blue light that our tech devices give off? Well… the answer is that too much UV and blue light from digital screens, artificial light, and the sun can affect your vision and your overall eye health. Blue-Light Blocking lenses like the Blokz® glasses and lenses from Zenni can help to protect your eyes all day, indoors and out. If you are exposed to too much Blue Light by not protecting your eyes you will find that your eyes can be tired, you will have blurred vision, disrupted sleep and dry/irritated eyes. No matter the reason… protecting your eyes from blue light is super easy with Zenni’s Blokz® lenses which are available in prescription and non-prescription options. There are a variety of options in the Blokz lineup……

Blokz Blue-Light Glasses

Blokz by Zenni

*Blokz® ~ Virtually clear blue-light-blocking lenses for all-day protection, indoors and out.

*Blokz® Photochromic ~ A virtually clear lens that darkens automatically in bright sunlight.

*Blokz® Sunglasses ~ Tinted anti-blue light glasses lenses for outdoors.

*Blokz® Trivex® ~ Experience superior impact-resistance and clarity with Blokz protection. Perfect for kids and sports!

As you can see Zenni carries a wide array of Blokz Glasses to ensure there is the perfect pair for everyone. You can take the Zenni Blue Light Quiz to find out which pair is right for you.

Blokz Blue Light For Gamers

My daughter is a gamer so I got her a pair of the Zenni Blokz Computer Gaming Glasses. They have an amazing line of gaming glasses and have even partnered with several gaming platforms like the Call of Duty League, Clayster Call of Duty League, Golden Guardians, Houston Outlaws and more.

Zenni Glasses

My daughter LOVES these glasses and she wears them anytime that she is gaming or on hr phone and laptop. They are actually really stylish looking and look really good on her too. These glasses provide a sporty design and lightweight comfort and they are versatile which makes them perfect for the office, out on the town, or in the gym…. and of course at home. These glasses are made with acetate and boast a medium-wide rectangle frame the features spring hinges for a great fit.

Zenni Glasses

Now for myself, I grabbed a basic pair of black glasses in a rectangle style as far as the lenses go. I wanted a simple pair of glasses that would look good on with any outfit and that provided me the protection I need from the Blue Rays that my computer and the tech devices give off. I simply looked through their entires collection of women’s frames until I found the perfect pair.

Zenni Blue Light Glasses

Once I found the style I wanted…. I decided to turn the pair of frames into non-prescription blue-light glasses. You can literally do this with every pair of glasses sold on Zenni’s website which is pretty cool. You can create their glasses for non-prescription use like I did or if you do have a prescription for your glasses…. you can get a pair prescribed perfectly for you and with the Blue Light protection you need.

Zenni Glasses

Now besides Blue-Light glasses…. Zenni carries traditional prescription and non-prescription glasses too…. even sunglasses and safety glasses. They have glasses for men, women, kids, gamers… and well everyone and all at prices that will allow you to grab several pairs so that you can swap and change up your style any time that you want. They have many cool tools to help you find the perfect pair online like their Virtual Try On & more.

Zenni Blue Light Glasses

So what do you think of Zenni and their fabulous line of Blokz Blue-Light Glasses?! Are you loving them as much as I do? Check out Zenni today and browse around to find the perfect Blue-Light Glasses to protect you and your family, especially with Back to School right around the corner. Need new prescription glasses? Zenni has you covered too! Check them out today online and on social media!



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  • Rebeka deleon

    I actually have an eye appointment soon so I can get glasses. I love that these have light blocking lenses. I wear contacts right now and haven’t worn glasses since I was in school but sometimes you just need to give your eyes a rest or when your contacts are burning your eyes. these are really cute.

    • mcushing7

      They have lots of fabulous styles to choose from 😉 Check them out for you prescription glasses 🙂

    • Kendall W

      My son is not a big fan of wearing his glasses so I try to make sure he has options he likes! This site’s awesome prices would defintely make that easier.

  • wen budro

    This looks like a great product. I have been curious about blue light blocking glasses. I spend way too much time on my laptop so I know that I would benefit from these.

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