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How 5 of the Most Popular Types of Delicious Coffee Are Made

How 5 of the Most Popular Types of Delicious Coffee Are Made

Coffee is by far one of the most popular brewed drinks. It is made from coffee beans taken directly from the Coffea plant. The plant is native from the African continent but is now being grown and harvested in more than 70 countries around the world. Coffee beans can be classified into two main categories: arabica and robusta. Arabica makes up for almost 70% of the world production and is not as strongly caffeinated as the robusta species. If you know what coffee suits you best, then you’re already halfway there to a beautiful beverage. However, if you don’t yet know which form of coffee is your go-to, then these Coffee Reviews may be able to help inform your decision. Coffee is so popular around the world that there are websites like
The Full Moon Cafe that are dedicated to posting tips to make your brew better! Without further ado, here’s how 5 of the most popular types of delicious coffee are made, according to Coffee Cicerone.


Every coffee enthusiast should know how to make an espresso. A well-made espresso should deliver quite the punch. Mainly, this is caused by the low ratio of water to ground coffee. You use less water in order to make an espresso, thus increasing the concentration of caffeine, the main ingredient that delivers the coffee’s effect, theres nothing better than coffee with a lot of caffeine in to give you a morning boost! An espresso machine isn’t necessarily required but it is highly recommended.

Cafè Latte

Now that you know how espresso is made, it’s time to move to one of its variations: café latte. This is made by adding steamed milk to the espresso. The resulting ratio 2/3rds steamed milk and 1/3rd espresso. If you’re careful, you can use the steamed milk to create a foam top. Once you get the hang of creating the foam top, you can start adding your own touch to it. Multiple designs can be made with a little bit of practice and patience, the most common being ferns and various swirls.


Another very popular coffee type is also a variation of an espresso. The cappuccino drink is made by adding hot milk and foam to the espresso base. Unlike café latte, the cappuccino is usually stronger, with a 1:1 ratio between espresso and milk. The result is a beverage that looks similar to a café latte, but containing a higher amount of caffeine. Cappuccinos are one of the most widely sold coffee types around the world, with baristas going crazy with the presentation and designs.


We can’t have a list about the most popular types of coffee without the Americano. This is basically a variation of espresso that only includes the addition of water. For many people, the concentration of caffeine in an espresso can prove to be too much. In order to make an Americano, you simply need to add hot water to your espresso. This ensures that the caffeine is diluted into a larger amount of liquid while also preserving the strong flavor of an espresso.

Turkish Coffee

Unlike the previous coffee types on this list, Turkish coffee is not based on an espresso. Moreover, it isn’t related to the location where the coffee beans were harvested from. It is, however, related to the brewing process. In order to make Turkish coffee, you’ll need a special pot called cezve. The coffee beans are first roasted and finely ground. They are then poured into the cezve and sugar is added. The mixture is boiled and finally poured into coffee cups. You have to let the coffee grounds settle before you drink it.

There are other, less popular, coffee types in the world, including Macchiato, Ristretto, Affogato, Piccolo Latte, and so on. The main difference between most of these types is the punch that they pack, depending on the amount of caffeine and the amount of liquid and foam present in the cup.

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