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I am so excited for all that 2020 will bring as I am healthier and happier than I have been in a long time due to changes to my lifestyle and the lifestyle of my entire family. Two years ago I had a serious health scare that led me to change the way that my family and I live. We are living and eating cleaner and healthier than ever and I am continuously looking for ways to improve my families lifestyle to a healthier and cleaner standard of living. I am proud to say that every member of my family has jumped on board and we are incorporating new products that are the perfect fit for us to live healthy and clean lives which is why I am so excited to share Nourishing Nutrients with you all as they provide high quality, premium organic superfoods that anyone can afford. I am excited to share their Organic Black Seed Oil as well as their Organic Mushroom powder with you all but first let me tell you a bit more about Nourishing Nutrients and what makes their products the better choice for me and my family.

Nourishing Nutrients is on a mission to bring “premium” but affordable Organic Superfoods into the market for everyone. They are a small family owned business that is looking to make a difference to peoples lives and they have made it a point to ensure that they are sourcing the purest nutrients with the least amount of altering all while being “Sourced from Nature”. They wanted to make sure that their affordable products have nothing added, absolutely no chemicals, no binders, no fillers all with minimal processing so that you can get the most out of each of their products. 

Now let’s take a look at the two products I am so excited to have been able to try and use for myself and my family and why we are loving them & will continue using them:

Nourishing Nutrients Organic Black Seed Oil

Nourishing Nutrient’s Premium Black Seed Oil is a product that I was very excited to incorporate into my families daily routine as it is a natural remedy for so many health and beauty issues and I much prefer my family using a natural remedy and product, rather than prescribed medications. Nourishing Nutrient’s Premium Black Seed Oil is far more superior to others on the market because it is USDA Organic, 1st Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined & Unfiltered to be purely natural, made in an FDA registered facility, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, & Alcohol Free.  Not only does this fabulous product provide many amazing health benefits but it is also a superfood for your skin. It reduces the appearance of dark spots as well as prevents them, it is moisture rich in essential fatty acids making it an intense moisturizer but with no greasy feel and it reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

Natural Skin Care & Hair Care

Nourishing Nutrient’s Premium Black Seed Oil is comprised of Black cumin oil which is the perfect oil to use on your skin to naturally soften, strengthen, and firm. It calms itchy skin and some studies even suggest that it may be useful against scars and that it may help to prevent scar formation on wounds. For the hair, it is shown to help increase your hair growth and reduce dandruff which is a plus as well as recently I have had some issues with dry scalp which is new to me. I have a close friend that has sworn by Black Seed Oil for many years and her skin & hair is amazing so I am excited to have found something that works naturally for me and that it is so versatile.

Natural Immunity Booster & More

Nourishing Nutrient’s Premium Black Seed Oil provides an abundance of health benefits which is the main reason I most definitely wanted to incorporate this superfood into my families daily routine… the beauty benefits just happen to be an added bonus. USA research has scientific proof that taking Organic Black Seed Oil regularly can support immune cells & raise immune cell production. It can also protect normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses & raise the number of anti-body producing cells in the body. Nourishing Nutrients Black Cumin Seed Oil is crafted to be the purest, most potent oil available with 98% of your daily thymoquinone. Besides the amazing benefits of boosting your immune system, it is also beneficial in reducing blood pressure, aiding in digestion, assisting in weight loss & so much more.

I most definitely love that my husband is responding well after having used Black Seed Oil as he has always had issues with his blood pressure but after making it a habit to take a bit of Black Seed Oil every day, his numbers have naturally improved and I just love that. When you get this product from Nourishing Nutrients you will receive a handy ebook that provides 110 ways to use black seed oil and it is free.

Endless Benefits & Uses That Everyone Can Use:

*Natural skin care- moisturizes skin, hair and nails

*Reduces itchy skin caused from eczema & psoriasis

*High in anti-oxidants

* A fabulous source of Vegan Omega 3,6 & 9

*Reduces inflammation of joints

*Aids in digestion naturally

* Provides rich sources of essential fatty acids, trace minerals and vitamins

*It provides Anti-viral properties for the body

*It provides Anti-bacterial benefits when used

*It is Immunity boosting

*It is a natural treatment of high cholesterol

*It helps to reduce blood pressure naturally

*It aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels naturally

*It Promotes hair growth naturally

So what do you think of the many natural benefits of Nourishing Nutrients Premium Organic Black Seed Oil? It is an ancient remedy that I highly recommend everyone adding to their daily beauty and health routine. It is an easy supplement to take and the benefits are endless.


Nourishing Nutrients Organic Mushroom Powder Extract

Nourishing Nutrient’s Organic Mushroom Powder Extract is a product that I was super interested to use. I have heard some amazing things about the health benefits of mushrooms and mushroom powder extract and I really wanted to give it a try and of course to find ways to supplement this product into my families daily routine. Nourishing Nutrient’s Mushroom Powder Extract Blend is a mushroom extract powder that is derived from Ancient Chinese Medicinal Techniques dating back to 400 A.D. to help enhance & boost your health. I love that it helps to improve your mood and mental clarity as I can always use a boost day to day plus it provides energy and stamina which is a huge plus with the busy lives we live.

Nourishing Nutrients Organic Mushroom Powder Extract is made to retain all of its benefits starting with the fact that it is hot water extracted meaning no alcohol is used in the process. It is USDA certified organic and made in an FDA registered facility which is important as I love knowing where the product is coming from. I love that it is Gluten Free, made of 100% Whole Fruiting Mushroom Bodies and that it is free from fillers, grains and mycelium. It is important to mention that Nourishing Nutrients Mushroom Powder is Vegan friendly being made from Wild Mountain harvested mushrooms and absolutely NO genetically engineered mushrooms. Nourishing Nutrient’s 100% Pure Mushroom Extract is created via a mixture of Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Lions Mane, TurkeyTail, Oyster, Phellinus linteus, & Astragalus mushrooms, all of which have different benefits to provide the perfect superfood that anyone can benefit everyone.

Benefits & Uses:

Nourishing Nutrient’s Organic Mushroom Powder Extract is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. You can add this powder to your daily cup of coffee or tea. I personally love adding it to my daily smoothie which I make every morning and I never even notice that it is in there. You can also add it to your foods and homemade soups to enhance their flavors which is a tasty way to incorporate it into your families diet. I am going to be making a batch of homemade meatloaf this week and will be adding this in for sure plus I have made omelets and incorporated the powder into the mix and they were delicious. My kids never know that it is in their food when I use it as it simply adds delicious flavor that we all enjoy. The many benefits of adding Nourishing Nutrients Organic Mushroom Powder into your daily routine are awesome ……

* Improves mood and mental focus

*Lowers stress naturally

*Boosts your bodies immunity

*Supports cell health

*Is an adaptogenic

*Is detoxifying

*Improves energy and endurance

So what you think of Nourishing Nutrients Premium Organic Mushroom Powder Extract? It is an ancient remedy that tastes delicious and improves your mental clarity, your stamina & energy levels, plus it helps to reduce stress overall by helping you to feel calmer all while providing a natural boost to your bodies immune system.

As you can see, Nourishing Nutrients provides affordable Premium Organic Superfoods to all. Nourishing Nutrients was formerly Naked Nutrient but the company has rebranded and rest assured that nothing has changed. Their products have absolutely nothing added, absolutely no chemicals, no binders, no fillers all with minimal processing so that you can get the most out of each of their products. Same great product just a new brand name so pick up yours today! Visit Nourishing Nutrients on their website to learn more and visit them on social media too. 


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