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Upgrade Your Home Fragrancing Experience With Aera ~ Home Scenting Reinvented! @AeraforHome #AeraHolidayDelights

Upgrade Your Home Fragrancing Experience With Aera ~ Home Scenting Reinvented! @AeraforHome #AeraHolidayDelights

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It is not a secret to anyone that knows me that I am a HUGE fan of home fragranceI worked for a home fragrancing company for over a decade and am a bit obsessed with amazing scents and fragrances for the home. There is nothing better than coming home and walking into a space full of fabulous fragrance wafting throughout as I am a big believer that an amazing smelling home is a warm and cozy home. Fragrance can evoke memories too and one of my favorite scents is a spicy cinnamon fragrance as it reminds me of going to country craft shops as a kid. I do love changing the scents depending on my mood as I enjoy fresh and invigorating fragrances and I really enjoy fruity and bright fragrances too which is why I jumped at the chance to try Aera! Aera is Home Fragrancing Reinvented and Aera’s fragrance technology has brought home fragrancing to a whole new level of amazing and I promise that your home will never smell better! 

Check Out This Video To Get An Idea Of What Aera Is All About & How Amazing It Is!

Is Aera not the coolest thing ever? I just love it and there are so many reasons why. First… you are not burning candles and adding soot and “who knows what” into the air and atmosphere of your home and secondly… can set a “fragrance schedule” and fragrance to whatever intensity you need to ensure your home has the fragrance atmosphere that you desire with Aera’s revolutionary scent technology. What makes this possible is Aera’s “secret” which is the creation of tiny, micro-fine fragrance droplets (1/50th the diameter of a human hair) that get released into the air and convert immediately into a dry vapor, releasing all the fragrance components at once (whereas all other methods release elements sequentially based on rate of evaporation, changing the effect and quality of scent over time). Because of this, Aera can consistently scent a 1,000 SF room.

Aera will fragrance your home like nothing else can…. plus each fragrance capsule lasts 60 days and their fragrance options are heavenly. Fragrance levels with Aera are consistent as well…. so the performance is the same from day 1 to day 60. I have tried two of the Aera fragrances and they are both equally phenomenal. Aera’s fragrance capsules are crafted by master perfumers and contain natural oils which is why you will most definitely love their amazing fragrance options.

I recently ordered some new fragrances and cannot wait to get them as I have to admit I am hooked and cannot wait to get them in and enjoy my home smelling like the Holidays! Oh and did I mention how amazing the Aera unit looks? It is beautifully simplistic and modern looking and just gorgeous to place anywhere & everywhere that you choose.

An Aera Diffuser is the absolute perfect gift for the Holidays! If you are still thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone…. and they love candles and home fragrance or they have everything under the sun and you are unsure of what to get….an Aera Diffuser is the perfect choice. They have different options and fragrances to fit everyone’s needs PLUS they are gorgeously packaged for gift giving and the inviting fragrances are amazing! No kidding…. absolutely fabulous! You must check this out. 

The Aera Diffuser is a home scenting device that will change the way you fragrance your home. Begin infusing your home with fragrance today! Check out Aera via their website and visit them on social media too!


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