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My Savvy Review Of My Israel’s Miracle Hair Care Line

My Savvy Review Of My Israel’s Miracle Hair Care Line

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I am super excited to share a fabulous hair care line that I jumped at the chance to try…. and it is called My Israel’s Miracle Haircare. My Israel’s Miracle is a new haircare line using only organic ingredients from Israel with the emphasis of putting the focus back onto healthy hair with My Israel’s Miracle trademarked Israelceutical Complex. The Israelceutical Complex features a unique formula of the healthiest ingredients for all hair types and textures, including pomegranate, myrrh, frankincense, cumin, hyssop, cinnamon, cassia, argan oil and water from the Ein Gedi nature reserve, to bring the healing powers Israel has to offer to each and every product…. all while also ensuring that their products are cruelty-free.

So you may be wondering what are my thoughts on My Israel’s Miracle Haircare? I love this line! The fragrance of the products are fabulous and my hair feels amazing after using them. I am for sure hooked and will be reordering when I run out as my hair is loving these products and has never looked so good!

Let’s take a look at each of the products they have available and why my daughter and I are loving them….

My Israel’s Miracle Clean & Shiny Shampoo

My Israel’s Miracle Clean & Shiny Shampoo promotes gorgeous super clean and shiny healthy growing hair. I love it and especially love that this shampoo contains Israeli organic herbs via the Israelceutical complex which is a combination of organic Pomegranate, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cumin, Hyssop, Cinnamon, and more. I love that it is made using water sourced from Ein Gedi, the famous oasis found in the middle of the desert miles from the Dead Sea and that it is known for its purifying and healing properties. My absolute favorite part is the amazing fragrance! The wonderful aroma of this shampoo will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean and it makes me feel like I am stepping into the spa a it is that wonderful!

My Israel’s Miracle Clean & Connected Rinse Out Conditioner

My Israel’s Miracle Clean & Connected Conditioner is the perfect accompaniment to the shampoo as it is equally wonderful! This wonderful conditioner promotes gorgeous and healthy hair and it too contains the Israelceutical complex which is a combination of organic herbs from Israel such as Promegranate, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cumin, Hyssop, Cinnamon and more. This conditioner is made to be organic and pure using water sourced from Ein Gedi which is why it is so amazing for sure. Add to that the amazing fragrance that all of Israel’s Miracle hair care products provide and you will enjoy a spa like experience in your own home…. all while ensuring you have an amazing mane of hair that looks gorgeous and shiny and healthy!

My Israel’s Miracle Revitalizing Hair Mask

My Israeli’s Miracle Revitalizing Hair Mask is one that I love and use once a week. It can be used daily as needed but for me…. I have fine hair and use it for a boost once a week and recently my daughter did the same and now she has claimed ownership. That is fine as I love to share… and the end result being that she is obsessed with how amazing her hair feels and smells after using this product. Just as with all other My Israeli’s Miracle hair care products, this is made using Israeli Organic Herbs, water sourced from Ein Gedi and a fragrance that you will notice and smell all day long.

My Israel’s Miracle Heat Protectant Spray

My Israel’s Miracle Heat Protectant Spray is another product that my oldest daughter snagged form the collection. She loved the scent of the mask so much and has been looking to add. heat protectant spray to her hair care arsenal so it was the perfect fit and she loves it! She uses this after washing and towel drying her hair and then blow dries it… and the result is gorgeous shiny hair. This protectant restores and protects as it is a healing anti-frizz treatment that works at protecting your hair through blow drying and more. It adds the perfect amount of moisture to protect all while create shiny hair that looks and feels healthy. As with all My Israel’s Miracle products… this is made using Israeli Organic Herbs, water sourced from Ein Gedi and a fragrance that will leave you wanting more. This is perfection for any one that styles their hair daily as it is important to protect those locks.

My Israel’s Miracle Leave In Conditioner

My Israel’s Miracle Leave In Conditioner is everything! I kept this ne since my daughter took the mask and I use this once or twice a week and it really provides my hair the extra nourishment and love that it needs…. and my hair feels and looks soft and luscious! This product promotes shine, manageability and bounce and it brings an end to dry, frizzy, damaged hair all after only one use! As with all My Israel’s Miracle products it contains Israeli Organic Herbs, water sourced from Ein Gedi know for its wonderful purifying and healing properties and a fragrance that makes you feel that you are at the spa. This is. must have for everyone and anyone and is perfect for all hair types.

My Israel’s Miracle One & Only Oil Treatment

My Israeli’s Miracle One & Only Oil Treatment is my favorite product for sure. I actually am sharing this one with my daughter as she likes it too as it provides instant shine with absolutely no residue or heavy feeling. I just add a touch to my fingertips and add to my dry styled hair for added shine and it moisturizes and nourishes at the same time. This product is made with Israeli grown Argan Oil and it also contains that amazing Israeliceutical complex of Israeli organic herbs which makes this a phenomenal product for your hair. Oh…. I have to mention the wonderful fragrance and I smell it all day long when. I add it to my hair before stepping out and fragrance and amazing scent is everything to me.

So what are your thoughts of My Israeli’s Miracle Hair Care Line? Are you like me and looking for products that are organic and that provide the results you are looking for? Are you looking to achieve beautiful, bouncy, healthy and shiny hair that smells fabulous? Well look no further than My Israeli’s Miracle Hair Care as each and every product is a must have and they are perfection for all hair types. Check them out online and on social media and al of their products are available on Amazon.


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