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The Ultimate Guide to Exfoliating Your Skin

Our skin is sensitive, and it is critical to provide it with proper care. How often does it happen that you pass by the mirror, and you get a peek at your skin, and your heart immediately drops?

Do you start wondering how did your skin start looking dull? Where did the healthy and glowing skin go? How do you get rid of the oil and dirt from your skin?

Your skin will only improve if you integrate a few critical steps into your daily skincare routine. And exfoliating your skin is of the utmost necessity to maintain it. Therefore, the ideal product that can help with lacklustre skin is an exfoliating product.

Exfoliating Your Skin: What Does it Mean?

Exfoliating refers to removing dirt, excessive oil, dead cells, or build-up from the outer layer of the skin. The bright-looking skin can shine as you remove the dirt and other build-ups from the outer layer. The ideal way to start exfoliating is to use a good skincare product specially designed to boost your skin’s hydration. Many brands like DRSQ skincare also make medical-grade exfoliating products.

Why Choose Exfoliation?

As you age, dead skin cells hang on to your body for longer. And this makes you look dull with clogged pores. What’s worse is that these skin cells further block any skincare product you use to get into the skin. And this is where exfoliation can be highly beneficial as it will help remove the cells your body is not shedding. As a result, it will help you with happier and healthier skin.

No one would want to walk around highlighting dead and dirty skin cells. So let us dive deep into the benefits of exfoliation and how it can change your beauty game.

Advantages of Exfoliation

Below are exfoliation’s advantages that highlight its importance in any skincare regime.

*Helps in unclogging your pores.

*Prevents your skin from acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

*Allows your other skincare products to be able to penetrate your skin deeper.

*Helps make your skin tone even.

*Helps with circulation and other lymphatic drainages.

*Increases skin cell turnover.

*Helps in stimulating collagen synthesis.

How Do You Exfoliate Properly?

After learning about the advantages of exfoliation, you might be thinking about how to exfoliate your skin at home easily. Do not worry; it is simple.

*Ensure that you wash your face daily before going to bed.

*After washing your face, take some exfoliating serum or cleanser and put it on the face in a circular motion.

*Keep massaging your skin with the product for about a minute while focusing primarily on your chin and nose.

*Use lukewarm water for rinsing your skin and a clean towel to pat yourself dry.

*Ensure that you only go for skin exfoliation up to two times every week.

Physical vs. Chemical Exfoliants

Physical Exfoliants

A physical exfoliant is a “scrub” like an exfoliator you might have used while growing up. However, it includes tiny abrasive particles that help remove dead cells or build-up on your skin. To get instant smooth skin, a physical exfoliator will work the best. But make sure you are gentle with them as they can be abrasive to your skin.

Chemical Exfoliants

They are more gentle than physical exfoliants. As the name suggests, they help remove dead skin through various chemicals. They usually come as a peel or a solution to make your skin look cleaner and brighter. Most of them come with Alpha Hydroxy, which helps dissolve the bonds of the top skin layer holding the dead cells.

Exfoliation For Different Skin Types

If you have dry or sensitive skin, starting with a suitable chemical exfoliator with AHA’s is advisable. It will help in dissolving the glue holding the dead cells together. Moreover, it will help improve cellular turnover without irritation highlighting the glowing skin underneath. For such skin types, starting with exfoliating once per week is advisable.

For oily or combination skin, a physical exfoliating product is always advisable. It will provide you with deep cleansing and will rejuvenate your skin. If you have such a skin type, it is advisable to exfoliate up to two times a week.

Final Thoughts

Exfoliation is a fundamental skincare routine that helps maintain the surface of your skin. There are multiple exfoliating options in the market, but choosing any wrong product can provide the opposite result. Therefore, it is always advisable to use medical-grade exfoliating skincare products that will not be harsh on your skin. So what are you waiting for? Make your skin radiant like never before!