Shedding the Quarantine 15
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Why You’re Having a Hard Time Shedding the ‘Quarantine 15’

Have you seen people posting inspirational pictures on social media and bragging about how they got their dream body during the pandemic? Do you instantly despise these people?

If your weight has gone the other way during the pandemic, you’re certainly far from alone. In fact, about 61% of American adults have gained weight during the pandemic. Yes, some people have used this time to get in the best shape of their lives. But most of us have been Googling ‘how much is liposuction’ because we hate how we look and feel.

So, if you’ve gained a few unwanted pounds over the course of the lockdown, take a deep breath. It’s OK. You’re not alone.

And here’s why it’s not your fault.

You Can’t/ Won’t Go Back to the Gym

A lot of gyms are now open to the general public. But, even if your gym is open, you may not be ready to go back yet.

Some hardcore gym rats were waiting with bated breath outside of their gym’s doors, waiting for them to reopen after the lockdown. But a lot of people are simply not ready to go back.

They don’t like the idea of breathing and sweating around a gathering of people, and they would prefer to wait for the vaccination numbers to go up, or for the daily case numbers to go down.

Home Workout Equipment is Now Insanely Expensive

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, one could conceivably put together a passable home gym with a used elliptical machine and some free weights for one or two hundred dollars. But the mass closure of gyms has sent the demand for, and the price of, home workout equipment sky high.

Companies like Peloton have predictably flourished, and they mercifully unveiled a slightly more affordable version of their bikes. However, some people still think that dropping a few thousand dollars on an exercise bike is excessive.

You’re Tired. So Tired

The general public has slept terribly lately. The stress, the uncertainty, and the new routines have destroyed people’s sleep patterns.

Of course, when you’re tired, you don’t have the energy (or the will) to work out. But a lack of sleep can also hurt your diet and contribute to weight gain.

When you’re feeling sleep-deprived, your brain will crave more calorie-dense foods, while the lack of sleep also triggers the reward center in your brain.

You’re Playing the Waiting Game

It’s also very possible that you keep saying you will lose the weight when the world goes back to normal.

A lot of us are making a lot of promises for that time. We’ll cut down on the online shopping when the pandemic is over. We’ll cut back on the mid-week drinks when the pandemic is over. It’s never a great idea to put important changes off like that. 

However, the real issue is that we have literally no idea when the world will go back to normal.


  • tat2gurlzrock

    I know all about the tiredness. I figured it was from all the stress we have all had. I can’t seem to get enough sleep.

    • megan allen

      We have all had our struggles one way or another. There is so much truth in this post. Thank you for sharing!

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