Picking the perfect shoes to wear with your maxi dress

We’ve all been there. You’re walking in the shops, and then you see it: The Perfect Dress. You move closer, pick up the hanger, and make your way to the fitting rooms, only to find that it doesn’t fit at all, and the perfect dress was an illusion all along. 

That’s one ending to the story, but the moral remains the same – if you pick your dress according to your body type, and not what it looks like on the hanger, half your battle is won. It is often the case that what we see in the shop won’t suit our individual body shape, but the good news is – that is OK. 

The maxi dress is very multifunctional piece of clothing that not only suits most body types, but which can also adapt to the different occasions you might need to wear it for. From school recitals to birthday parties, a breezy lunch or a formal evening function, it is the perfect piece for all-day elegance. 

Best of all – it is very comfortable to wear. But how to wear the perfect maxi dress in the perfect way? Let me help you. 

The basis of a great outfit is rooted in the right pair of shoes. If you need to take your maxi from daytime to nighttime with minimal effort, simply add a comfy pair of flat shoes. Thanks to the length of a plus size maxi dress, your shoes will generally be covered by the bottom of the dress, so you are under a little less pressure when it comes to putting your shoes on public display – just make sure the colors don’t clash!

If the weather is slightly cooler, you could also go for a pair of sneakers. This is an excellent solution for ladies who don’t like to wear heels. Sneakers are also an excellent solution if your lifestyle keeps you on your feet for long periods of time, without sacrificing style. 

If you do like wearing heels, you have even more options. Some people are just naturally drawn to dressing up, and who said you can’t dress up your favorite maxi? Both stiletto’s and block heels complement most maxi dresses and are great for adding a sophisticated edge to an evening outfit. For daytime comfort, opt for wedges to make your outfit glamorous and comfortable. Worried about cold weather? Keep it warm by keeping it simple, with ankle boots and a jacket or cardigan. 

The only real consideration when deciding between heels and flats is the length of your dress. Too long with flats, and you risk stepping on the seam of your dress. Too short with heels, and your ratio will be odd. A filthy hem dragging behind you in the mud is hardly the ideal finishing touch to an otherwise striking outfit, so don’t be scared to have your hem taken in if you have shorter legs. On the other hand, take care to keep your hem long enough to keep your dress in the maxi category!

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