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How to Make Drinking Coffee Daily a Healthy Habit

Coffee is not as bad as many people think. It can be good for you depending on how you consume it. In what ways can you then make your coffee healthy? Using a monk fruit sweetener is one way among other healthier sweeteners. Make your coffee a healthier beverage with a coffee press and also drink it at the right time and in enough quantity not excessively. In this way, you make your coffee break good for your health. Below are ways to make drinking coffee daily a healthy habit

Avoid syrups and go organic 

You might think that non-fat syrups are a healthy choice, but having a low calorie does not mean it is healthy. The monk fruit sweetener is the healthiest sweetener that you can choose in place of sugar and syrups. Since it has no calories, carbs and has zero fat. Also, opt for organic cream to use in your coffee or use your own packaging milk from nuts or oats. Other creamers have artificial sweeteners, flavors, and other additives. Thus, it is best to use organic milk or cream. 

Don’t have only coffee for breakfast 

Even when you are running late for a meeting don’t just take a cup of coffee, for by midday, since you had no breakfast your stomach will be growling. Coffee should not be used as a meal replacement for it is a stimulant and suppresses your appetite. To ensure you take good care of yourself, especially if you drink coffee every day. Eat food too to get protein, vitamins, fiber, carbs for your overall health. Coffee alone will make you unhealthy especially if you are busy. 

Use only filtered water 

What type of water do you use to brew your coffee? Just because we boil water to brew coffee, it is vital to know if it is filtered. Filtered water is better, maybe not for taste but health. When you use filtered water you ensure that it has no unwanted heavy metals like copper or lead that are found in old pipes. Also, tap water has chlorine disinfection products that are harmful long term. Avoid well water as well unless it is tested for any contaminants. 

Always use paper filters

How do you filter your coffee? One of the healthiest and easiest ways to brew your coffee is using paper filters. The Better Sip shares that using paper filters not only provide nutrition but also, since they are reusable they ensure less waste. When you filter your coffee with paper filters it helps removing kahweol and cafestol, two compounds that raise cholesterol levels.

Add cinnamon to your coffee

Have you ever noticed the cinnamon on the counter of your favorite coffee house? If you never use it, take advantage next time when you go to top off your brew. Cinnamon is a health boost and you can also try using it in your coffee at home. It has antioxidant properties among many other benefits. Also, adding this spice is adding sweetness and antioxidants without calories to your coffee beverage. If you are cutting back on sugar, use cinnamon as an alternative. 

Figure out if you like coffee

Did you like the first time you had coffee? Or did you have it because you needed more energy to cram for your final paper in college? This may be your love at first sip moment with coffee or you had to stomach it to ace the test. This will help you know if your daily habit of drinking coffee is as a band-aid to your bad sleep habits or you actually like it. For this reason, ensure you drink coffee for the right reasons. If it is to survive on poor quality sleep patterns, your body and mind are still tired so you will still not be at your best mentally and physically. 

Drink sparkling coffee for hydration 

If you are looking for a replacement for your energy drink, try sparkling coffee. This is the latest way to have your coffee. Blend a cold brew with lemon juice and honey or any other natural ingredients of your choice. Drink your coffee like this for hydration purposes. Plus, it is healthy and better than the marketed healthy energy drinks today.  

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