why I purchase meats labeled with 'no antibiotics ever' for my family
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Why I Look for the ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ Label When Purchasing Meats for My Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coleman Natural and all opinions are 100% my own.

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love to cook delicious meals for my family, and it is also no secret that my extended family (sister, brother, mom and dad) love to visit as often as they can to partake of those yummy home cooked meals. I have been cooking in the kitchen since I was 10 or 11 years old as my mom was a single mom that worked a lot, and I would help out by getting dinner rolling for her. I did this because I just love to cook and I still do today! I love cooking delicious hearty meals that my family will devour, and the secret is using only the best ingredients which is the reason I love using Coleman Natural meats in my recipes. The reasons that I love feeding Coleman Natural products to my family has everything to do with what is not in their meats and I am going to share with you today why this should be important for you and your family, too.

I recently had the chance to chat with Dr. Lance Price, a professor at the George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington, DC. He is also the founding director of the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center, and he is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of antibiotic resistance. Listening to him really helped me to understand why it is so important for us to purchase meats that are raised with No Antibiotics EVER and that making this choice inevitably not only makes you feel good about the choices you are making, but it also helps you to truly feed your family better. This is the reason I look for brands that stand out in this area of expertise… like Coleman Natural. They pride themselves on that fact that they have never and will never use any antibiotics in their all-natural pork and beef products.

The reason it is so important to look for meat that is labeled as “no antibiotics ever” is to protect you and your loved ones from superbugs. Be careful too, as there are many products on the market that have misleading labels on them……such as claiming that they do not use antibiotics for certain things but that they will use them for others. Always look for the ‘never ever’ part of this claim as the wording on many products is designed to be misleading and if it does not say “never ever”…… then it is not completely raised without antibiotics.

Protecting my family from the threat of superbugs is of the utmost importance to me. The more that I have learned… the more serious the issue which is why I am sharing this with you today. Superbugs are highly evolved bacteria that are extremely dangerous, and they are a result of the abuse of antibiotics in both the medical industry and also via the meat industry. In fact, 65% of antibiotics sold in the US are administered to animals in the meat industry that are not sick…. instead, they are used to prevent sickness due to overcrowded or less than sanitary conditions. Many large-scale meat producers do this and by their using these antibiotics unnecessarily…. the risk of antibiotic resistance is increased, and not only that but the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can transfer from those animals to people if the meat is not handled or cooked properly greatly increases too. Coleman Natural does not participate in these practices but rather they source from American farmers that raise their animals in the USA with no antibiotics EVER as well as no added hormones. 

The issue with these superbugs, or highly evolved bacteria, is that when doctors go to treat them, they find that they are going through all of the antibiotics available to them, with, at times, only one being successful at combating the superbug infection. The issue is that these bacteria continue to evolve and eventually they can be resistant to all antibiotics. Keep in mind that there are already superbugs out there that are antibiotic resistant. This is a terrifying thought as once this happens, there are dwindling options left to treat these infections which is why raising awareness to antibiotic resistance is crucial.

I have been working on educating my friends and family by making them aware of antibiotic resistance as it is of the utmost importance to me. We must be proactive by supporting and purchasing from food producers like Coleman Natural as they have found ways to raise animals naturally and humanely for food without the use antibiotics. Supporting and purchasing meat from brands like these can help us to be better stewards of antibiotics all while improving our family’s health and wellness.

There has also been a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to consuming meat or poultry products from animals raised with antibiotics. Many believe that by consuming products from animals raised with antibiotics, that they will becomes immune to antibiotics. This is not the case at all. What you should be concerned with is meat and poultry products that have been contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can infect people via the products brought home from the grocery store. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria can spread in many ways including… handling contaminated meat when prepping for meals, eating veggies and produce that have been fertilized by contaminated manure or simply by playing in water or dirt that has been polluted by food-animal waste. Learn more about superbugs and how you can support antibiotic resistance at battlesuperbugs.org

My family’s health and wellness are everything to me and is the reason I am so excited to share this important message with everyone that I know. Being aware and educating yourself is so important and spreading the word once you do… even more so. I am now only purchasing meats from Coleman Natural as well as organic poultry and beef from brands that promote the “no antibiotics ever” label as it is crucial for the health and safety of my family and I encourage you to do the same. Check out Coleman Natural today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coleman Natural and all opinions are 100% my own.


  • Sarah Bailey

    I have to admit I didn’t know this was a thing until recently, it makes so much sense that you should look for meat which hasn’t had antibiotics! Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    • mcushing7

      Me too Sarah….. it is so important to know what is going into our bodies….and Coleman Natural products make that decision making process a breeze for me as their pork and beef products are delicious and better for you plus I love the no antibiotics ever label! Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem for everyone and we need to be aware and do whatever we can to stop superbugs 😉 If you do not see a retailer near you to find Coleman Natural products… check out Perdue Farms online 😉

    • Berlin

      Honestly, i am not conscious of what i buy for my family. This post made me realize that i must put my family’s health top priority. Thanks for this realization.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been looking for the same thing on the label for a while now. It’s so important to know where our food comes from and how it’s handled. I’ll have to see if we have this brand next time I head to the store.

    • mcushing7

      You can find Coleman Natural products online via Perdue Farms if you cannot find them at a retailer near you. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

  • Amber

    I try to do the same thing. We only have three grocery stores but we have been lucky and do find antibiotic free meats. It’s so important to know what we are consuming and feeding our families.

    • mcushing7

      So true! I love Coleman Natural products and not only are they delicious but they are also just better for you.You can also find Coleman Natural products via Perdue Farms online 😉 The no antibiotic EVER label is everything as we need to work on antibiotic resistance.

  • Richelle Escat

    I agree, uncured meats are much better than the usual meat. I hope I can find this brand so that I can purchase.

    • mcushing7

      Yes! Me too…. we are buying sustainably caught and organic as much as possible and now for me Coleman Natural for my hot dogs, bacon, kielbasa and pork roasts as the No Antibiotics Ever label is everything!

  • kacielmorgan

    I always try to buy quality meat (grass-fed Ideally) but I never thought to check whether it’s antibiotic-free or not. Thanks for pointing this out, I’m going to look out for this in the future.

  • Cindy Batchelor

    I totally agree and do the same thing! Antibiotics are scary! Being vegetarian also helps a bunch as this is usually found in meat! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • candyolivares

    Same! I also look for non extras added into our favorite meats. I’ll have to look for this brand to try it. Breakfast is our favorite and bacon and sausage are staples in our home.


    I didn’t realise they had labels on products to say they had no antibiotics. That’s something to look out for.


    I wasn’t aware they labeled foods to tell us if they don’t contain antibiotics. I must look out for these next time I shop.

  • nadaliebardo

    It is so important to buy antibiotic free meats! I love that there are so many great natural options here. And how the label makes it so easy to spot.

  • emman damian

    I also check No Antibiotics Ever label in my food. It’s a bit harmful to the body. We will also have antibacterial resistance. I make sure I eat clean and organic food.

    • mcushing7

      Yes! Emman that is correct…. the threat of superbugs that are resistant to all antibiotics is the fear and the reason we have to make better food choices for ourselves and our families. It occasionally happens with outbreaks but can become the norm with continued abuse of the use of antibiotics.

  • Lily

    Wow so never ever is the key word. It’s sad we live in a world where we need to read labels like this instead of it just being the standard for all meat brands.

    • mcushing7

      Yes….. they trick us with wording and everything… that is why it is important for the label to say no antibiotics EVER.

  • A Nation of Moms

    This is such an important issue. I went vegetarian as a kid for these reasons. I did my research and most meats involve too much factory farming and chemicals. These sound like great choices.

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I love that this brand doesn’t use antibiotics. I also try to avoid any products with added antibiotics.

    • Lauryn R

      This is very informative and definitely good to know! Antibiotics are definitely not something I want in my families food. Thank you so much for sharing!

      • mcushing7

        It is so important Lauryn! I am now always looking for n antibiotics ever label. Chik Fil A Chicken is no antibiotics ever 🙂

  • JeannieD

    One of my family’s favorite sandwiches is bacon, lettece and tomato on toasted rye or sourdough. I have never tried this brand before, but will look for it in the store and give it a go.

    • mcushing7

      Do! I love love love it and if you run into issues finding the product… order and have it shipped to your door via Perdue Farms online 😉 I orderd a pork butt roast from Coleman to make Pulled Pork, their hot dogs, bacon which is amazing! and their Kielbasa 😉

  • tat2gurlzrock

    Those are some great looking kabobs you grilled. I love that this meat does not have all the chemicals in it.

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