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My Savvy Review of Meyer’s Spark Edition ~ The Essential Cookware Set!

If you visit Deliciously Savvy often, then you know that I love cooking and creating yummy meals, snacks and desserts for my family. I love trying new tools and kitchen gadgets too whenever I can as it is the perfect way to find tools that work for you and sometimes you stumble upon and find that perfect piece or pieces that help you to create those yummy meals and more. That is how I feel about the Meyer Spark Edition ~ The Essentials Set that I am absolutely in love with. Their designs and products are fabulous and I have read so many amazing things about the Meyer brand but had not had the chance to try them until now and I have to tell you that this is hands down my favorite cookware set and going forward I will for sure be incorporating and adding new Meyer’s pieces to my cookware collection. Let’s take a look at why I am loving this set and what makes it so different.

First let me tell you a bit about the Meyer brand and their story. The folks at Meyer believe in the magic of a home cooked meal and they want to help people everywhere to feel inspired to explore the wonders of the kitchen and turn home cooks into chefs. They believe home cooking is good for the heart and they have seen it for themselves in the homes that they have visited…. from Mumbai to Melbourne, and San Fransisco to Shanghai ~ the warmth and joy that people experience in the kitchen is universal. This is why Meyer designs the pieces that they do. They design differently by starting with their sleeves rolled up, in people’s home kitchens around the globe. They cook, dine and clean with them to see what problems they experience every day. They take those experience back to the office and drawing board and this fuels them to create unique, insightful and functional designs.

I love their story and I can tell that it is 100% true as that is why they provide the ingenious designs like those found in The Spark Edition Essential Cookware Set. Let’s take a look at these fabulous designs that are new to me when it comes to my cookware and it will make you want to grab a set for yourself!

Have It Both Ways

What I love about this set is that Meyer has bundled two of the most used materials in this fun and colorful set. You get Nonstick Aluminum which is perfection for frying as it heats up instantly and cleans up without a fuss. The sturdiness of stainless steel which is perfection for searing, simmering, and steaming. With these two popular materials in one essential set, you get to use what you need for what you want to cook! I just love that about this set and you will to… some are non stick and some are aluminum and we have not even talked about the universal lids yet.. more on that below.

Keep those spills in check

 I absolutely love the design of the stockpot that Meyer included in this set. The stockpot is made to minimize messy boil overs much more effectively than a regular straight sided pot. This post has a unique bell-shape and rim design that helps to hold more of your bubbling soup or liquids in the pot than outside of it. It is a fabulous and truly fuss-free design that you will love.

Put a lid on it

I mentioned their lids above and I love their lid design as it is ingenious. It sucks to have a chaotic collection of various lids for your pots and pans and somehow you always end up with more lids than you need, taking up space you could use for other things. Despair no more with Meyers ingeniously designed lids as they fit a total of six sizes of cookware together with the two universal lids included in this set. These two lids are the only you will need going forward as they fit pretty much everything in my cookware cupboard. The lids are also designed with a clever stacking feature making them super easy to store right on top of the set in your cabinet.

Space-saving magic

I love this feature with The Essential Set from Meyer. Whether it’s a pan or a pot, Meyer has designed their cookware so that it nests together seamlessly. When stacked together it also gives you a beautiful color gradient and keeps your kitchen and cookware cabinet clean and organized PLUS the set comes with felt cookware protectors that go between each pan to keep the surface intact and perfect when staking…. no scratches! Ingenious!

Comfy for all the right reasons

This cookware set is super easy and comfortable to handle too. Made with high-heat silicone, the handles on this set from Meyer are comfortable, super sturdy and will keep its shape in the oven. This set has all of the right curves and edges to fit hands of all shapes and sizes! Meyer has truly thought of it all!

Other Nice Things:

*Nonstick that works like a dream. This surface s smooth as silk to make cooking easy and cleanup a breeze!

*Pan Protectors included to protect your cookware the stacking.

*Induction friendly meaning you can cook this cookware anywhere!

*Over Safe up to 445°F

*Dishwasher Safe

*3 Layer Nonstick (Except the stockpot)

*Lifetime Warranty

What you get in The Spark Essentials Cookware Set:

Saucepan: Yolk Yellow Color

Saucepot: Pumpkin Orange

Chef’s Pan: Persimmon Orange

Skillet: Chili Red

Pan Protectors

2 Universal stacking lids

So what do you think of the Meyer Spark Edition ~ The Essentials Set!? Is it not just the prettiest set that you have ever seen?! It is so much more than that with the ingenious build and design of each plus the universal lids that fit 6 different sizes of pots and pans plus the pan protectors that allow you to safely stack the set, including the lids, makes this set the only set you need and an organization lovers dream! Check out this set on and check them out on social media too! They have other colors of The Essentials Sets on their site so take a look and gift to yourself and/or anyone on your gift giving list this Holiday Season or anytime of the year!

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