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Why Chickens are the Perfect Pets

Yes, dogs and cats are great pets, but if you haven’t considered the possibility of owning a chicken or three then you really should do so. Chickens might not be the cuddliest of animals, but they sure do make amazing pets, especially if you’re a foodie.

Not convinced, check out these very compelling reasons to own your own chickens…

Fresh eggs

One of the best things about owning chickens as pets is that they will lay you an unlimited supply of the freshest, tastiest eggs you have ever tasted. Whether you eat them poached, scrambled, or in a freshly baked cake, you will really taste the diffrerence when you take eggs directly from the custom chicken coops in your backyard as opposed to from the shelf at the grocery store, where they may have been sitting for quite some time.

Environmentally friendly

Although we all love our pets, many of them are not exactly environmentally friendly, using up many additional resources. This is not so when it comes to chickens, which are great at eating those scraps of foods that you have leftover at the end of the day so that it doesn’t end up getting wasted. Their manure also makes for great fertilizer, which will absolutely help your plants and flowers to grow in abundance, so if you’re a keen gardener, that is just another reason to think about sharing your space with a few feathered friends.

They’re low cost

Many people think that keeping chickens is an expensive endeavor, but that could not be further from the truth. Keeping chickens in the backyard is actually pretty cheap. Once you have a coop et up in the yard, your own only real expenses will be food – and they can eat a lot of your scraps so that is hardly expensive – and pest control treatments to keep their environment as safe as possible. You’ll also need to budget for occasional veterinary bills, but they are much cheaper to treat than your average dog or cat, and if you take good care of them, they’re unlikely to get sick very often anyway.

They have lots of personalities

Many people think that chickens are boring and that they don’t have the same kind of personality that you’d see in a dog or cat, and although it’s true that they’re unlikely to start doing tricks for you, it’s unfair to call chickens boring pets. The thing about chickens is that they all have their own unique personalities and quirks, which are actually lots of fun to watch – you’ll be truly amazed by their antics.


As long as you keep their coops clean, protect their environment against pests and predators, and ensure they are well-fed, chickens will practically look after themselves, which means they are definitely much lower-maintenance than many popular pets, which may be an advantage if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

As you can see, chickens are fun, low-maintenance, and come with many advantages, but they do live for as many as 10 years and require some basic care, so don’t go out and buy them as a pet unless you are fully prepared for the responsibility.

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