Are you traveling with your pet? Consider these tips

Traveling with pets is on the to-do list for some people this holiday season. For most people, the holidays are a time to spend time with family and friends. Pets are both family and friends. So, when the time comes for traveling, some people opt to travel with them.

Pet travel tips on the road

Are you hitting the road with your pet? It could be just a weekend getaway or a whole month of vacation. You need to prepare for this as it could go wrong if not. However, traveling with pets is fun and a great bonding experience.

Before you make that step of traveling with your pet, you need first to establish if your pet is fit to go. In the case they are ill or injured, avoid traveling with them as the experience will be challenging. It would be best if you left them in the care of a trusted person; maybe a neighbor or relative.

Travel Preparation plans

Visit the Vet

Nobody wants a sick pet when they are traveling as it can be emotionally draining. Therefore, taking the pet for a medical checkup is necessary. It also ensures that the pet is vaccinated.

In the case that you may be traveling across different states, you need to obtain a health certificate. Rabies vaccination is also one of the vaccines that have to be administered before you travel.

According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), the number of pets insured were 2.1 million by the end of 2017.  Insurance is necessary because you may travel with your pet and they fall ill; it’s easier to get treated than when you don’t have insurance. However, you have the option of obtaining personal loans such as Sofi as explained here https://www.crediful.com/personal-loans/sofi/  in case it’s an emergency.

Pet restraint

This is probably not taken seriously by most people but, it’s essential to have a plan on how to restrain your pet while on the road as they can be a distractor. You don’t want any accidents happening which could ruin the whole vacation. Pet seat belts and travel crates are some of the items you could consider to ensure that your pet is safe.

Whichever restraint you choose, ensure that you familiarize your pet with it before the actual travel day. You can take them for a short ride so that they get used to it.

Get them an ID tag

Ever heard of all those stories of lost pets? What happens if yours gets lost amidst people? How do you start a search?  That’s why ID tags are essential. Get a temporary identification tag with your pet’s photo to ensure visibility.

Attach the ID tag to your pet’s collar. The label should include your phone number, email address, and your physical address.

Such measures help you find your pet easily than when they don’t have tags.

What should you pack?

Just as you prepare for vacation by packing the necessities, you should do the same for your pet. Carry enough food for them to avoid stopping over to look for their food. You may end up not getting the brand they take which could disorient you.

Carry their favorite toys, first-aid kit, litter box, medication and anything else they need. Have a checklist which will help you carry everything you need.

Pet-friendly places

Not every hotel or rental home allows pets. Always research on pet-friendly accommodation before you hit the road. If possible, book early in advance.

Some hotels are quite strict with pets, always make sure to check their rules before booking. Keep in mind that hotel policies change with time, so a day or two before you go to be on the safer side.

Pet safety

Most pets prefer sticking their heads out of the car window. This is unsafe as accidents can happen; flying objects may hit them. Make sure your pet has a pet seat belt on, and they should not stick their heads out.

Frequent stopovers

It is natural for your pet to get tired along the way especially if it is a long ride. Have frequent bathroom breaks for walking your pet and potty breaks. Ensure that when you stop over, your pet has a tag on them.

Enough hydration and food intake

Keep your pet well hydrated to avoid grumpiness. You want to make the trip as easy as possible for your pet. Carry some ice cubes for your pet.

Don’t forget to feed your pet while on the road. However, keep it on the minimum and avoid feeding them your favorite fast food fries.

Pet traveling should be a fun bonding time. Preparing well in advance should help you avoid major challenges during your stay. Know what works best for you and your pet. Have a solid plan to avoid any surprises.


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