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What is a Reasonable Amount of Money to Spend on a New Dress?

If you are shopping for a new dress then before you head to the shops or start surfing on the web you should ask yourself what is reasonable to spend. In fact, there isn’t a simple answer to this question as there are several factors that need to be considered. 


Your budget for a new dress will depend on how much money you have available. For example, if you earn one hundred grand a year then you may not think much of spending one thousand on a nice dress. But, if you only earn fifteen grand a year, a thousand dollar dress is likely to be out of your price range. 

The upper limit of what is reasonable will relate to how much you earn and how much you have available to spend. It should be noted that putting a new dress on credit is never a good idea, you are better of using funds you already have in your possession. Online fashion stores like luxurybrandsco. offers beautiful dresses for women at very reasonable prices.

If you are struggling with a budget you may be grateful to know there are companies specializing in ball gowns hire, amongst other dress styles. This gives you the opportunity to wear a stunning and expensive dress for a fraction of the cost.

Many experts recommend you spend no more than 5% of your monthly take-home pay on clothes per month. But, only you know your personal financial situation and what you can really afford.

The Occasion

The amount you spend on a new dress also depends on the occasion. If you are heading to a school reunion you are far less likely to spend thousands than if you are getting married. The average wedding dress costs nearly $3,000 but can be considerably more or less. 

Identifying the occasion and the expected dress code will help you to know what type of dress you need and how much they are likely to be. The only question then will be whether they fit inside your budget or not. 

Desired Impression

While the general opinion is to spend within your means, there are times when you need to spend more. For example, if you are attempting to win new business or move upward in social circles you may find that it is better to have more expensive clothes than you can normally afford. 

This is called planning for the life you intend to have. Renting dresses can help you to afford this approach, the ultimate aim is to move upward in social standing because people think you are wealthier than you are.

The saddest part of this approach is that it works. People do assess others but how they dress and use this to decide what they are worth. 

Final Thoughts

It may be hard to define a set amount that is reasonable to spend on a dress. But, by simply thinking about the occasion in question and your need for the dress you will reach a conclusion that keeps you comfortable and looking fantastic.


  • megan allen

    It is true that people judge you by your appearance. I have learned over the years to be happy with the way I dress and not to overspend unless necessary!

  • tat2gurlzrock

    These are great ideas. I am not a dress kind of girl.. never liked them BUT I think every woman needs a couple when you need them without breaking the bank.

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