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Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opin- ions are 100% my own.

I am excited to share a movie that I could not stop watching on Pure Flix and it is “Heaven Sent”! If you love a good romantic comedy like I do, then Heaven Sent” is one that you have to watch as it is all about refinding love later in life and rediscovering joy after loss. This is such a beautiful film and one that I will for sure watch again and again as I absolutely love that it covers all stages of life which makes it perfect for the whole family to watch and enjoy. This one just dropped on February 3rd and is one to ark your calendars for so gather the family and schedule a movie night for all to enjoy!

Watch The Trailer:

This movie is so wonderful and just a feel good movie that never gets old. There are so many themes to this one…. it is all about letting go of our children/grandchildren when they grow older plus it is also about finding love after loss, choosing family over fame, miscommunication and promoting grace during misunderstandings especially during difficult and stressful times. The messages are one that innate my entire family to absorb and enjoy while watching as they can pick up these beautiful messages and lessons and incorporate them into their own lives.

The characters are everything in ‘Heaven Sent‘. I absolutely love Elise as she reminds me of my own mom… independent and strong. Elise and her grandson Derek are inseparable, at least when Derek is growing up but as he grows older they are growing apart and Elisa has a hard time allowing that. It is revealed later in the film that Elise was in a famous band and disappeared choosing to raise her grandson instead of fame which is a beautiful lesson indeed. She chose family over her career and I have been there at various points in my life and I absolutely love this lesson for sure.

Also in the film is Pastor Patrick who lost his wife 5 years ago. Throughout the years as a single man, his parish tries to play matchmaker setting him up wit different gals but he resists. One day he finds his way into Elises shop, Moxie which is their first interaction in the film and to say it was a great first meeting… is not so true. Later on again, Pastor Derek and Elise get again at a singles night and decide to keep it a secret. They meet time and time again and by the movies end, Elise realizes her feelings for the pastor and he is thrilled as he too limes her a lot. She is the first lady that he has cared about since his wife and it is a beautiful thing indeed.

Back to Elise and her grandson Derek you will find lots of miscommunication happening there. Elise overhears a conversation with Derek and she thinks he is talking about her and his feelings that eh is forever under her thumb which is why she decides to go to the singles speed date night after all. Derek also posts a video about a ‘where are they now’ episode on his grandmother without her knowledge and he continues to post and record about his grandmother’s love life.

What I love most is Elise and her character played by Karen Abercrombie. She is a powerful and talented actress who co-wrote and executive produced this wonderful film plus starred as Elise! If you watch Pure Flix often than I am sure you have seen her in other films / shows.

So what do you think of this movie?! Does ‘Heaven Sent’ soundalike a film that you would live to see?! Are you a lover of a good heart arming romantic comedy like I am?! Check out ‘Heaven Sent’ today on Pure Flix!

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