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The Best Yellow Diamond Ring for You

To so many people, it’s surprising to know that diamonds come in various colors and that yellow diamonds are some of the most popular within jewelry, especially engagement rings.  

Yellow diamonds have a compelling and beautiful hue; that’s why so many people are attracted to them.  

This blog will look at the meaning and sentiment attached to the yellow diamond and what to look out for when buying one. 

What is the yellow diamond ring? 

Colored diamonds are increasingly becoming popular, and the yellow coloured diamond is no exception. The yellow diamond looks classy and refined.  

Yellow diamonds originate from across the world, just like any other colored diamond. They are mined in Australia, India, Canada, and Russia, while the intense yellow-colored diamonds are mainly mined in South Africa. 

Like the standard clear diamond, the yellow stones are formed over thousands of years within the earth’s crust. Yellow diamond has a distinct yellow hue that varies in intensity depending on the natural formation of the stone. 

The presence of nitrogen during the formation process gives yellow diamonds their fancy yellow hue, and that’s why they are assessed for color differently to the colorless variety. 

Are yellow diamonds more pricey? 

Yellow diamonds are rare, making them more expensive than transparent diamonds. However, it is the other diamonds like the pink diamond that are rarer. 

Regarding the yellow diamond, the richer and more intense the color, the more expensive it is. So, this makes buying the yellow diamond a very profitable investment. 

Yellow diamonds are seen as a good investment because of the trends towards colored jewelry, and they are in more demand than those without color.   

What do yellow diamonds symbolize? 

Worldwide, people consider diamonds a sign of everlasting and romance, making yellow diamonds a perfect choice for engagement or wedding rings. 

Yellow diamonds symbolize optimism, love, cheerfulness, and happiness. Generally, yellow is considered a cheerful and bright colour associated with intellect, wisdom, and knowledge.  

Meaning, buying yellow diamonds for your loved one can show them that you are in a happy relationship and appreciate their intelligence and knowledge.  

How are yellow diamond rings priced? 

A diamond’s cost depends on its carat, clarity, colour, and cut. 

Many factors come into play when pricing yellow jewelry, and these include: 

Jewelry material: Often, yellow diamonds are paired with gold or platinum because the cool silver-finished metals complement the bright yellow stone.  

White gold and platinum are some of the most expensive metals worldwide. 

The carat: the carat is the weight of the diamond. Ideally, one carat is 200milligrams. Definitely, the more carats the diamond has, the more pricy it is. 

The carat should, however, not be confused with the perceived size. The diamond can look bigger or smaller(the carat remains the same, though). 

Color/ clarity: Richer hues are more expensive, and the same goes for the clarity(purity of the diamond).  

The clearer the diamond, the more pricey it is. The richer hues are more like rich amber or golden syrup with the yellow diamond, while the palest hues look like they are tinged with a bit of yellow. 

The cut: the most famous and expensive cut is the “round brilliant” because it requires skill and precision to make. It as well sparkles the most. 

So, when looking to buy the yellow diamond ring

Consider mostly: 

The Yellow diamond color: Yellow diamonds are graded differently; they are graded as “fancy”. A fancy-coloured diamond’s value increases with the strength and vibrancy of its color, while a colourless diamond’s value decreases if there’s any visible hue. 

Yellow diamonds are graded as ‘fancy light’ to ‘fancy vivid’, with fancy vivid being the most valuable.  

The diamond shape: The most famous shapes of fancy diamonds include cushion, oval and pear. These shapes are preferred because they create a more intense colour when viewed.  

These shapes also give a sophisticated vintage-style finish for engagement rings. 

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