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Five things every dining space should have

Dining time is pleasure time. The dining space is used at least three times a day. Therefore, it is important that the area has an appetizing appearance. The dining room is an integral part of a household. It is the space where the family comes together after a long day and spends time together. Several things should be kept in mind while planning out a dining space. It should have all the essential elements and should utilize the space correctly.

Some of the important must-haves of a dining space are:

1. Console table

A console table is a table or rack placed in the dining room to accommodate extra bowls or dishes. No matter how spacious your dining room is, you may always need some more space to place for overflow. A console table provides extra space to place trays or dishes when not in use. It can also be used to display your favorite cutlery or can be decorated with small plants.

2. Dining table

To dine in style, an exclusive dining table in the dining is a necessity. Dining tables come in different shapes like oval, hexagonal, square or rectangular. The shape you choose to buy should depend on the area available in the dining space or the number of members in the family. A variety of materials is used for the manufacture of these tables. The wooden ones are the best. You can opt for a mahogany or walnut finishes. The modern designs of the dining tables have a sleek glass top.

3. Dining chairs

Dining chairs are lined up around a dining table. They provide the seating in the dining room for the accommodation of the diners. These chairs come in a number of shapes and sizes. Some are modern while others give a more traditional look with an upholstered chair seat and back. The dining chairs should preferably match the dining table. The number of chairs to be purchased should depend on the size of the family.

4. Lighting

The lighting in the dining room is an important aspect. Provision should be made so that natural daylight is allowed to enter the space during day time. This frees the environment of germs. There should be enough electrical lighting for evening or night-time. The table should be well lit. The light should preferably be of white color.

5. Electronic devices

Modern life is dominated by electronic gadgets. A TV stand is an essential part of a trendy dining room. Sports, news channels or even movies along with delicious food makes the dining time pleasurable. A good music system can also be included to enrich the environment with soft music.

A dining space should have some additional arrangements as well. A ceiling fan should be present so that the diners can enjoy their meal in comfort. Sufficient ventilation should be available as well. The room should be kept warm in winter and cool in summer to enhance the comfort of dining. The room should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to maintain hygiene. Light fragrances can be used as air-freshener.

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