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Visit the Emerald Isle: 9 Reasons to Travel to Ireland This Year

Are you on the fence if you want to travel to Ireland this year? Read on to find nine reasons you’ll want to add the Emerald Isle to your travel bucket list.

Every year, 2.4 million people from North America visit Ireland.

The Emerald Isle is known for the lush greens and beautiful coastlines it has. Many people trace their ancestry back to Ireland, and visiting can have a lasting, deep personal impact on a person. 

If you’re considering a trip and want to visit somewhere new, travel to Ireland. Before planning your trip to Ireland check out the best things to do in Ireland, to make the best out of your trip. With a rich history, complex culture and friendly locals, Ireland should be on the top of any vacation list. With a number of airports and an economy set up to take care of visitors, Ireland is not as far or expensive to reach as you might think.

Read on to find out why you should consider traveling to Ireland.

Travel to Ireland

If you’re going to travel to Ireland, you’re going to have to fly. The island nation sits to the west and north of most of England and is in the North Atlantic. With any international travel, it is important to plan your trip in advance. 

Here are some reasons why Ireland should be your next destination. 

1. World Famous Castles

If you’re wanting to experience a true European vacation, castles should be on your list. Ireland not only has castles, but it has some of the most beautiful and best-preserved castles around. Ireland even has some famous haunted castles that you can visit. 

They don’t have to be haunted, though that might be a reason by itself to go to Ireland. The castles of Ireland are diverse, and some even operate as bed and breakfasts. In many countries, the surviving castles are little more than foundational ruins, but in Ireland, the history is still alive around you. 

2. World Famous Beer

If there is one thing that is synonymous with Ireland, it’s beer. Thanks to the Guinness Brewery, everyone in the world knows that Ireland is a mecca of beer. You can tour the brewery and see the warehouse where thousands of gallons of Guinness are stored before being shipped across the world.

Brewing and Ireland have a long and storied history. While beer is the most famous thing brewed in Ireland, that moniker is always under threat by whiskey. Ireland features many famous brands of whiskey, and a lot of them even helped inspire famous recipes used by United States whiskey makers.

3. The Irish Pub

Irish pubs aren’t just famous for their look and offerings, but also the culture that goes along with them. Irish culture has a great love for pubs, and it shows. Irish pub culture centers around a friendly and warm atmosphere. They serve hearty food and drinks at the pub. 

You can also catch traditional Irish music and watch sports at an Irish pub. They are so famous that the term Irish pub has been used to describe bars and clubs all over the world. 

4. The Festivals of Ireland

There are many festivals across Ireland. They range from traditional celebrations to modern mega-festivals.

Music, dancing and other entertainment are popular at Irish festivals. Some celebrate the traditional culture of Ireland and feature ancient ceremonies, dances, and displays. 

One tradition that is kept alive by migrating Irish wherever they go is St. Patrick’s Day. This observance features many symbols of Ireland, and if you get a chance to go to Ireland to see it, you definitely should put that on the bucket list. 

5. Stunning Coastal Scenery

Ireland is an island and therefore has a coastline that circles the entire nation. This coastline is unique for the sheer scope and beauty that it possesses. Beautiful cliffs like those of the Cliffs of Moher and the Slieve League are known around the world and often photographed. 

6. The People of Ireland

Perhaps one component of what makes Ireland so wonderful to visit that gets overlooked is the people. Warm, inviting, and friendly, the people of Ireland love having visitors around. For a nation that is so small to be visited by so many people means that most Irish meet foreign visitors on a regular basis.

7. Untouched Natural Beauty 

It is not just the coastline of Ireland that shows off the beauty of the Emerald Isle. A lot of Ireland still possesses the charm of an unspoiled wilderness.

People have lived on the island for thousands of years, and the fact that the environment remains so pristine is a symbol of how valuable the Irish find nature to be.

The Ring of Kerry is such a place that combines both the coastal and inner beauty of Ireland. You can see meadows, mountains and breathtaking vistas on this world-famous hiking trail. 

8. The History of Ireland

The unique history of Ireland is not summed up by castles alone. There are beautiful forests and ancient dwellings scattered across the island. The Irish have a long and colorful history full of fantastical and amazing things. Visit towns like Galway to see this ancient wonder along with modern amenities. 

9. The Most Beautiful Country on Earth 

The best reason to visit Ireland doesn’t have to do with one thing or another. The fact is, Ireland offers something for everyone. Not only does it have natural wonder and history, but it also has golf courses and all the trappings of the modern world too. 

Many people consider Ireland to be the most beautiful place in the world. The people of Ireland are always cited as a major reason why tourists that travel to Ireland come back again and again. Give Ireland a chance, you can really do everything you have ever dreamed of in the Emerald Isle. 

A Must See Place 

It could be said that of all the places in the world you have to see, Ireland should be at the top of the list. It is not just because of the natural wonder and the things you can do there. Ireland is a place that still connects to the ancient world of myth and wonder. 

So many people have ancient ties to Ireland, whether through marriage or family history, that it is like going back into time. If you choose to travel to Ireland, make sure that you take a moment to consider what this island has meant to people for thousands of years.

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