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Glitzy Christmas reds, gold, and greens twirl their way around evergreens in festive living rooms as families excitedly prepare for Christmas Eve and good old Santa’s arrival with his loaded sack of gifts. Spicy aromas of gingerbread fuse with heady scents of fruity teas and gently waft their way through homes at wintertime to extend their warm and soothing embrace. Good homemakers know to prep spice shelves and cupboards well ahead of the festive season to make Christmases like these just “perfect” for their families, and mulling spices are fast becoming top favorites on their Christmas shopping lists. 

What are mulling spices?

They are a spicy and fragrant combination of potent Asian spices and traditional European beverages that are gently simmered until they blend into a heavenly winter brew that’s served piping hot.  To ‘mull’ means to add flavor by heating beverages like wine, cider, or teas with spices and a sweetener and then straining it. A typical ‘mulled’ drink is prepared by adding carefully measured amounts of aromatic spices like cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, black peppercorns, cloves, allspice, dried fruit, or fruit peel. Each of these ingredients has a distinct flavor and aroma which contributes to the individuality of the mulled tea or cider. 

The origins of Mulling Wine

‘Hippocras’ is the name given to an early form of spiced wine. People in medieval Europe spiced their somewhat boring wines with cinnamon, cloves, and honey to sweeten, season, and preserve them for longer periods of time. They heated the ingredients together and strained them through a ‘Hippocras Bag’ which was named after the famous physician Hippocrates who heavily advocated the consumption of spiced brews. He was probably anxious about the unhygienic food and water that was killing off lots of people in his day and may have thought that sweet and spicy additions would tempt people to heat beverages before consuming them! As the influence of spiced wine spread throughout Europe, each country prided itself on reworking the recipe to suit their tastes. Nordic countries experimented with bitter lemon and fruity concoctions while Germany came up with one of the most famous of them all: Gluhwein. You could read about this signature mulled beverage as well as other interesting German Christmas food classics at Deutsche Way

Health Benefits of Mulling Spices

Asian spice blends have long been known for their great health benefits and are welcome additions to many energy-boosting drinks. Mulling drinks could be the best Christmas gifts yet for your fastidious diet-conscious friends. Gift them Christkindl LIVE  Christmas gift baskets with their exciting selections of Gluhwein, spiced apple cider mixes, and Christmas goodies, and you’ll be forever loved for your thoughtfulness. 

The Best Selection of Readymade Mulling Teas

It takes careful crafting to make mulling teas and it’s not everyone who has the skills or access to the ingredients that go into them. With Christkindl LIVE’s selection of sweet spiced mulling tea bags and boxes that are blended to perfection, you will never have to worry about where to access high-quality spices or how to get the process exactly right. Sit back and enjoy the most exotic combinations your heart could desire from a wide selection of mulled spice and fruity black teas that can be prepared in a jiffy. Who could resist a mulled tea bag made for cozy winter gatherings, or the fruity appeal of apple, cranberry, and orange blended with flavorful aromatic spices? So go ahead and visit Christkindl LIVE and stock up on your favorite teas to relish with your loved ones this Christmas season.

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