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Valuable Trade Show Tips for Start-Ups

A start-up business needs to take advantage of any resources that can help to create more market awareness. Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and social media campaigns are an absolute necessity. But, face-to-face marketing should always be a top-most priority for all start-ups.

The essentialness of in-person interactions is the reason trade show exhibits are still one of the best tricks for lead generation. But, the cost may leave a start-up organization wondering whether a trade show would be a worthy investment.

Here are some tips for startups to consider when preparing for a trade show in order to achieve the most benefit.

1. The Location is an Important Factor

The location is a key consideration for a brick-and-mortar shop or with a site’s Google search position. Likewise, the location of your display at a trade show is vital. As early as possible, you should acquire floor plans, costs, and exhibitor count from the management of the trade event.

If selecting your own location is an option, maximize your budget by choosing a spot within a crowded region. E.g., a corner space will have traffic passing on multiple sides. And a space next to the booth of an established brand will benefit from the big crowds.

2. Originality

It’s hard to stand out if your display features the same 8×10-foot pop-up wall as other booths within a 200′ radius. Regardless of your budget, you should think out of the box in terms of the design idea and do something different like rent a led screen in San Diego as this will for sure grab the attention of potential contacts and customers alike. Back-lit displays are popular, because the LED lighting forms a stunning aesthetic in the midst of un-lit displays. Another idea that is unique and cost-effective in terms of increasing brand awareness is to design custom wristbands from SleekWristbands.com with your company name and hand them out to the crowd.

But, taking it to another level using a truly custom, unique setup can help make your exhibit the most memorable. Utilize common products in extraordinary ways and approach the design similar to how web-designers approach making dynamic, user-friendly websites. Your target market should always be your primary focus when creating your concept.

3. Reach out to Industry Experts

During the planning process of a trade show event, you might need to choose a trade show display company. A lot of organizations make the mistake of selecting based only on the lowest estimate price. Saving a few hundred dollars is a tempting idea. But, the knowledge, time and advice a quality company will offer you will be extremely valuable.

Many trade show display providers offer little assistance apart from shipping the bare essentials. However, some select few dedicate time and resources to work with you on custom solutions, budget management, and graphic design. They also offer indispensable advice based on what they’ve experienced in the trade show business. Setting aside some time to thoroughly research trade show display providers can make a difference in how far your budget reaches.

4. Renting Versus Buying

Multiple factors come into play when deciding between renting a booth and buying one. The two most critical factors are the benefits offered and the available resources. Renting is suitable if you’re attending a maximum of two shows in a year, and custom design isn’t a priority.

But, if your priority is a dynamic, custom display, purchasing would be the best choice, regardless of the number of shows. If you’re concerned about the price, look for a reputable trade display provider with a web-based business model, e.g., ExpoMarketing.

5. The Trade Show Staff

When choosing your team for the event, ensure to pick outgoing individuals who are also strong communicators. Knowledgeable staff members are essential, but will not be of any help if they are uncomfortable with visitors approaching the booth. Always ensure your team is starting and propelling conversations, because attendees don’t come to your booth desiring to initiate contact.

Utilizing the tips above for an upcoming trade show event can make your marketing efforts a success.

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