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Stay Organized This Holiday Season & Beyond with Name Bubbles

With the Holidays literally right around the corner, I wanted to share some organizing tips to help you get through the Holiday Season and beyond. I am wrapping up my Holiday shopping and just ordered personalized labels from Name Bubbles as they are the much needed touch for so many of my gifts that I will be gifting to friends and family this Holiday Season plus they make the perfect personalized stocking stuffers for the kiddos too.

Name Bubbles

For me there is truly nothing more special than receiving a personalized gift which is why every year I make Holiday Goodie Tins that are loaded with homemade baked goods and candies. I shop around to find some inexpensive tins that can be used for filling and gifting and I then line them with parchment paper so that I can load them up with some of my families favorite Christmas cookies, brownies, cupcakes and candies. My kids always help me with my holiday baking so it makes the most special of gifts. Once done, I add the perfect touch of personalization by adding personalized labels from Name Bubbles to each tin for gifting and pass them out to friends and family every year.

Name Bubbles Personalized Labels make the perfect personalized gift all on their own too. I have ordered some labels for my niece and my own kids to add to their stockings this Christmas. They are the perfect personalized gift to add to each of their stockings and by gifting them personalized labels, I am empowering them to be organized which is a wonderful life lesson. Everyone knows that organization is the key to success and as a work-at-home-mom, organization is the only way that I can stay on top of everything that I have to do each and every day. It is the only way that I am successful with my own business and by instilling these values into my own kids, they will benefit immensely when it comes time to go to Middle School, High School, College and ultimately into their Career’s and beyond!

Name Bubbles

Finding the perfect personalized label for your child or anyone on your gift giving list is super easy as Name Bubbles carries a huge array of labels. Parents will love the line of personalized labels that Name Bubbles carries and their labels can be designed to suit you and your child’s tastes, all while keeping your kids school supplies, clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks and more labeled perfectly. This will ensure that your child knows what is their’s and what is not and will ultimately save you from having to replace lost items throughout the school year. They are even perfect for College Students that are looking for a way to customize their items when living in a dorm. Check out the types of labels you can personalize today and then add to everyone’s stockings on your gift giving list….

*Dishwasher Safe Labels

Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles personalized name labels come in several shapes and sizes for things such as lunch boxes, backpacks, notebooks, you name it! Peel and stick these washable, school supply name labels to anything and they will always make it back home at the end of the day. These are perfection for the reusable food containers that you send with your child for lunch each day, their lunch box, notebooks and so much more. They are waterproof, dryer safe, laundry safe and long lasting.

*Press & Stick Labels

Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles press-and-stick-on clothing labels are an awesome option (and the quickest) for your child’s clothing. Choose between laminated clothing labels for clothing with care tags and unlaminated waterproof stick-on labels for tagless clothing with brand stamps.These are perfection for pretty much anything and everything you can add them to.

*Iron-On Clothing Labels

Name Bubbles

The Iron On Clothing Labels are a must have for the younger kids and even college students  living in a dorm. These are my favorite and are made for those who would prefer a more permanent label that can stick directly to the fabric. Name Bubbles Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels are perfect for labeling socks, towels, hats, and anything else! Right Now…. You Use code FACEMASK to get 30% off your order of Iron-On Labels for Clothing! These are waterproof, dryer safe, laundry safe and permanent!

*Write On Labels

Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles Write-On Labels are reusable, writeable, and waterproof labels that are here to keep you organized. Whether it be your spice rack, your pantry, baby bottles, storage containers, or your leftovers, these reusable labels are perfect for putting your belongings in order. I ordered these for myself and us them to organize my workspace, notebooks and more.

*Custom Label Value Packs

Name Bubbles

If you are looking for a variety pack of labels…. a little of everything listed above, these custom label variety packs have you covered. You get a variety of label sizes and shapes to cover all of your family’s needs, such as clothing, lunchboxes, backpacks, and more! These Value Packs are what you need for all things daycare, school, camp, and sports. I am ordering a pack of these for my niece as she is getting ready for preschool and these personalized labels will make the perfect personalized stocking stuffer that does not break the bank.

Name Bubbles

So what do you think of Name Bubbles and their fabulous line of Personalized Labels to keep you and your entire family organized all year long? There is no better time to order personalized labels for the perfect stocking stuffer gifts and to ultimately ensure your kids are ready and organized for when they go back to school after the Holiday break! I also use them for the perfect Christmas labels to use for my many Holiday Gifts and for personalizing my Christmas Goodie Tins that I pass out to my family and friends each year! Check out Name Bubbles today and order some personalized labels for you and your family and anyone else that you need a personalized gift for. Check them out online and on social media today!

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