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Bike Fitting Professionals: What They Do and Why You Need Them

One of the biggest myths about bike fitting is, only the professional bikers need it. 

No! Everyone can benefit from bike fitting, as it’s meant to increase comfort, reduce chances of injuries and enhance your cycling performance. Many a time, riders have complained of chronic backaches and knee pains after riding for long hours regularly. However, most people tend to think that it is normal and ignore the same, thus aggravating the issue. 

Bike fitting professionals are certified and experienced technicians, who can make adjustments to your cycling form by addressing the issues that you’re suffering from and improve your performance as well.  Whether you’re a professional biker, or just an amateur one, using the bike for regular commute, bike fitting can benefit both. While physical discomfort is a serious issue, especially if you’re riding for long hours at a stretch, an unfitted bike can increase the chances of accidents as well. About 900 cyclists die every year and 20,000 more are admitted to the hospitals. In fact, the bikers are considered more prone to traffic accidents than the people in automobiles. Given these statistics, taking the help of professionals to stay safe on the road shouldn’t be a choice anymore. 

What can bike fitting professionals do for you?

According to many professional bike fitters, knee and back pain are the most common issues that their clients complain about. However, they feel that each biker has a unique physiology and cycling endurance, which should be addressed individually. 

Coming to back pains, about 68% of bikers, who ride regularly, are likely to suffer from it, especially because of improper postures and inappropriate cycling dimensions. The bike fitting therapists can help resolve the issue and improve cycling form by making adjustments to the saddle height and tilt, pedals as well as the handlebar. They can also check balance and neuromuscular control to reduce the chances of grave injuries and increase comfort. 

Last but not least, the professionals are also capable of providing customized solutions to enhance the performance of riders by efficiently removing mobility limitations, if any. All in all, you’re going to feel more comfortable on the saddle, which does count a lot when it comes to regular cycling. 

How to find the right bike fitting therapist?

Needless to say, you need both a certified and experienced bike fitting professional to make adjustments to your favorite bike. You can’t just trust anyone for that, right? So, here’s how you’re going to find the right professionals for fitting the best bikes for wheelies and rendering your rides safe:

*You should look for someone who provides more value to you and is eager to go the extra mile to meet your specific needs. As mentioned earlier, every rider is unique with his/her own set of issues that needs to be addressed individually. Find an expert, who is patient enough to do that without charging a fortune, of course. 

*Get in touch with a clinical therapist, who can help you get rid of any existing injury or chronic pain besides making adjustments to your bike for further protection. 

*Find someone, who can help you meet your riding goals, especially if you’re a professional biker, preparing for a race. Only trained and certified professionals will be able to optimize your cycling performance. 

No matter whom you choose to trust with your bike, make sure you get the maximum value for your investment without compromising on the safety factor, which is the primary requirement. 

Keep riding!

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