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Try a Flavor-Packed Plant-Based Pork Rind Snack

We all get those random snack attacks from time to time. In those instances, we try to reach for something packed with protein.

It is tough to find a protein-rich snack that excels in other areas like vitamins and heart health and is plant-based, not to mention gluten-free. We are here to tell you that the holy grail of snacks does indeed exist.

In today’s post, we will be discussing a vegan version of the world’s popular snack, pork rinds! You may not believe it is possible, but there are hundreds of positive reviews about this stellar snack.

These pigless pork rinds from Outstanding Foods are one hundred percent vegan! We are sure that you have many questions, and we will get you the answers you need once and for all.

What are These Amazing Snacks Made of? 

While different flavors change the recipes slightly, the main ingredients do not change. 

Rice makes up the bulk of this product, with sunflower oil and pea protein making up the fat and the protein. This keeps this snack lower in carbs and naturally gluten-free. Salt, yeast, and natural flavors round out this tasty snack. 

How are they made? 

Although they contain no animal products, that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a mean punch of flavor and texture. The actual step by the process is a well-kept secret by Chef Dave. The fact that pork rind lovers get to eat a plant-based snack is good enough for me!

Are They Healthy?

Absolutely! These snacks are baked, never fried, and contain zero cholesterol. The snack has 75% percent less salt than normal pork rinds. It is also low in trans fat and contains no MSG. Never again worry about eating collagen or getting little piggie hairs stuck in your teeth.

What allergens do these Awesome Snacks Contain?

All of our Hella Tasty Pigles Pork Rind flavors are allergen-free. They are all made in a facility with no tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk, eggs, or soybeans. 

What Kind of Flavors are we Talking?

First of all, the holy grail of snacks comes in two varieties, and these two varieties are different flavor options available. A grab-and-go protein-packed fun-to-eat and crunchy snack for just casual snacking, and a grab-and-go protein pack meal replacer disguised as a fun-to-eat and crunchy snack.

Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds

These porkless pea protein rinds come in flavors such as:

*Hella Hot — A super spicy and flavorful crunchy snack for your afternoon pick me up.

*Nacho Cheese — For all you cheese lovers out there, this flavor is so cheesy and delicious you might just fall over from cheese overload. Just kidding, we tried, it’s not possible!

*Salt N Vinegar — This is a classic snack flavor that we just couldn’t live without. Tangy, salty, crunchy if they aren’t best friends, I am not sure who is.

*Texas BBQ — There are only a few things from Texas bigger than that idyllic Texas BBQ Flavor. Maybe hats? We don’t think so.

*Original — Looking for all the crunch, but without all the fuss? The original flavor has it in the bag. Get your snack on anytime with original flavor. 

Take Out Meal In A Bag Puff Snacks

Need a little more sustenance than a snack can pack? These pea protein meals in a bag are sure to please your snack craving and make your tummy happy, too, with over 30% of the daily serving of several significant vitamins and minerals that your cells need to function, plus twenty-one grams of protein. Your tummy will be a happy camper and feel like it indulged in this guilt-free snack.

These flavors include:

Pizza Partay — who doesn’t love a flavor-packed pizza party in their mouth?

White Chedda — Tart, aged chedda madness in a plant-based snack? Our minds are blown just reading about it.

Chill Ranch — Bringing that 90’s crunch back to the 2020s with some ranchy flavors you cannot ignore.

Hella Hot — You said spicier, so we brought the spices.

In conclusion, plant-based snacks can be just as accessible and flavorful as their predecessors. It’s time to start bringing in snacks that work smarter for your body while fulfilling all your crunchy needs.

Through the power of plant-protein, a beautiful vitamin-rich and flavor snack was born. It’s time to leave other snacks from the past behind and grab the perfect flavor-packed plant-based porkless pork rind of 2021.

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